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  1. It certainly looks like it. That is exactly where you would expect to see the cracks due to the welding and stress.
  2. Mom always said, "Don't run with scissors".
  3. pegasus46

    AH! The theme changed!

    That is not a fix. It is a work around for your bug.
  4. pegasus46

    2019 Indian FTR1200

    Several years ago when Polaris first came out with the Indian line I sold some mutual finds in my IRA and bought shares in Polaris. Ain't I the smart one, hehe...well not really but I did want to invest in something American that I could relate to and near to my heart and I sure have no regrets.
  5. pegasus46

    2020 FZ-07 Concept Bike!!!

    god all mighty!!!!! what the f*** is it?????
  6. I will probably upset the average here, 74 next month.
  7. Great job but if you don't mind a further suggestion there are no sharp corners on the other bracket and despite the fact that it aligns with the brake reservoir i personally think if you rounded them off just a little then it would be perfect. it would look like it had less sharp edges.
  8. pegasus46

    Ran over a live rattlesnake today

    After visiting Surges we went through Wyoming on the way to Colorado. There was huge forest fire several miles west of us and we came upon this one strip of road that for 2 or 3 blocks there must have been 100 snakes in the road. You can bet we were all using the handlebars for freeway pegs.
  9. pegasus46

    Got plenty of giggles from this

    My recommendation to him is GET AN FZ-07
  10. pegasus46

    FZ07 fits in shortbed

    good job
  11. I know from past experience that I can install a lithium ion battery in my bike with no ill effects. I ran one like that for a couple of years. My question is, “Why do I need a special charger for a lithium battery?” As far as I know there is nothing special about the bikes charging system. I believe it is a 3 phase alternator as most cars and motorcycles have been using this type for the last 20 years. The bike comes with a lead acid battery so I doubt there is any special circuitry included for charging a lithium battery. If this is correct then why can’t I just use any normal battery charger to charge a lithium ion battery given that it has an output that is rectified and clipped to not produce a large DC frequency or a voltage above about 15 volts? I would imagine that most none el-cheapo ones sold in the last 10 years would fit this criteria.
  12. If they are able to sell 10 of those monsters they will be lucky. Too big, too heavy, too wide, too expensive, too much.
  13. pegasus46

    Help!! Clutch not working

    If you get it running at all after using shinyribs suggestion park the front wheel against something and with the clutch lever just at the engagement point give it some throttle to let the clutch plates take enough abuse to finish freeing them up. If that doesn't work you will need to take the clutch pack out and do some sanding. You can youtube videos on how to.
  14. pegasus46

    They don't make them like this...

    GREAT color scheme and design. Now that's different.
  15. pegasus46

    Crashed My Baby. *Pics inside*

    Those tubes are so damn thin that they bend easy. I bent one of mine in a fall at less than 5 MPH. Sometimes saving weight is a disadvantage.

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