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  1. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Are there any bars that are drop-in replacements or does everything have to be drilled?
  2. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Well after trying everything else and it still feeling a little off I pulled the handlebars off. Didn't even have to measure them, pretty obvious bend. Not sure If I'll just replace them with OEM or aftermarket. Not really interested in drilling holes. Alternatively, anyone had any luck bending bars back? https://preview.ibb.co/fMsq2v/IMG_20170712_214351.jpg' alt='IMG_20170712_214351.jpg'>
  3. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Thanks @mjh937 I'll switch that up. I removed the instrument panel and took some measurements, I think the handlebars were pushed slightly to the left in the clamps. I slid them the other way and it gave my right hand some more clearance. I still swear its turning further to the right, but measuring the handle bars didn't show any obvious bend, but it could be slight enough that I didn't get a good measurement of it. or it could all be in my head. I'm going to get it zipped up once the rest of the parts come in and see how it feels then. If everything is aligned and it doesn't drift at all I'm not sure its an issue.
  4. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Alright, haven't had a chance to pull the handlebars off yet, but I'm pretty convinced they are slightly bent. This picture shows it well I think. I can't fit my finger between the bar and the instrument cluster on the undamaged side, but I can easily fit it on the other side. Debating whether I have the space to pull the bars off or if I should just take it in.
  5. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    ah nevermind the google machine answered that question for me.
  6. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    So I just followed the directions in this post: https://fz07.org/post/86552/thread That seems to have helped a bit and there's a noticeable difference in the feel of the right assembly. It was tough to notice before, but now that I've adjusted it the motion is distinctly smoother. I'm also starting to think maybe the right side of the handlebar is actually bent, so thats coming off next. @r1limited total rookie question but when you stanchion what are you referring to? Its not a term I see in the diagrams I'm looking at.
  7. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Sadly I'm in Virginia otherwise I'd take you up on that offer. I forgot to mention, I the black plastic sleeve around the top of the right fork is loose, whereas the one of the left is super tight. Guessing that might be a symptom of something else.
  8. chilland

    Bent Handlebars or Fork?

    Thats all good advice thanks. I agree @r1limited , I think the tree might be slightly twisted. I'll check the handlebars, but I think messing with the forks is out of my comfort zone. I will probably ride it over to my dealer and have them look at it once I get the new plastics on. @i2837856393 I did hit something with the front wheel. There's nothing noticeably bent or misaligned when I look down the fork and at the risers, etc. Which is why I'm having a tough time diagnosing this. Everything looks fine, just feels a little off and the travel left vs right just doesn't seem right.
  9. So I laid my back down on the right side the other day. Changed lanes and the car in front of me hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting the car in front of it, nicked the back bumper trying to escape around the side. Pretty low speed, we had just left a a red light. Learned a good lesson about staying on my toes. Anyway, wound up with just a few minor scuffs and scratches on the bike. However, when I was riding it back home it seemed like something on the front end was a hair misaligned. There's no obvious damage, but I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to diagnose the issue. It does seem like the handlebars turn further to the right now than they do to the left. They nearly touch the tank, but not quite on the right. Could all be in my head though. I've included pictures of the bars all the way right, centered, and all the way left. Anyone have any thoughts how to even start looking into this?
  10. I had to wire them up myself as they came with the adapters for the FZ-10 and I wanted DRL also. Easy enough. Look awesome and super bright. Happy I didn't waste more money on factory version to get same look. Got it, so you just snipped the plugs and soldered them together directly?
  11. Looks awesome. So would you say the smoked is still brighter than stock?
  12. chilland

    Why night fluo is unpopular?

    I love mine, but definitely have to clean the rims regularly
  13. chilland

    Yoshimura Full Exhaust in California

    If you're bringing it form out of state and it has less than 7500 miles, do you have to get a smog check or is it just part of the law and generally unenforced?
  14. Anyone know if an akra titanium would pass a CA smog test if it had the cat installed?
  15. chilland

    ASTech Seats

    +1 on the pic. This seems like an interesting option.

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