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  1. liqwiq


    I really like these Womet-tech spools, they look nice and do their job perfectly.
  2. Installed Kappa windshield (identical to the Givi just a different logo ) So far I love it.
  3. liqwiq

    Greeting from Croatia - MT 07

    Not the problem at all. You have a lot of web shops (which are usually cheaper than local vendors), even US ones are shipping to Croatia (outside of EU will always be a bit pricier because of the customs). Also Ebay and Amazon are useful if you want to buy cheap stuff.
  4. liqwiq

    Greeting from Croatia - MT 07

    Welcome Igor. I have the exact the same color scheme on my MT and I'm in Zagreb so if you wanna meet sometimes you can hit me up. And for upgrades I would recommend you to read this thread. Useful information and a bit of discussion
  5. liqwiq


    Welcome Jake. I like your tutorials, and channel all together. Subbed long time ago.
  6. liqwiq

    Hello world

    100% my fault unintended wheelies not the ECU map It happened between lights when I thought I was fast and it was a small wheelie
  7. liqwiq

    Hello world

    I'm thinking maybe a first not intended wheelie. That really woke me up what this bike was all about.
  8. liqwiq

    Hello world

    That's a great start then. I don't like Beemers idea of Hello world, I don't want it to happen. shhh my baby MT no one is gonna drop you. MTheaded sorry for stealing your welcome thread
  9. liqwiq

    Hello world

    Woah, that's a bit too much for a beginner to rebuild an engine. Maybe a mechanics Hello world?
  10. liqwiq

    Hello world

    Hello, MTheaded and welcome. Your post title made me think what would be the motorcycle "Hello world", the first thing you should do on a motorcycle? Like the first program you write is a hello world or in embedded electronics led blinking is hello world equivalent. So what would be the Hello World of the motorcycle world, anyone have an idea?
  11. Agree, go with Linux Mint if you want Windows like experience. Linux master race!
  12. liqwiq

    Seat issues

    I was reading seat upgrades threads and when I saw prices it was just too much. I remember r1limited saying buy padded bicycle shorts and I tried it. So for ~30$ a bought lycra padded shorts in local shop and it showed as a great little investment. So yes, I agree 100%
  13. Oh this is such a good news, usually the only thing I miss in forums is Google quality search. Nice upgrade, Cruizin!
  14. ~$6.20/USgal for 95 RON octane (91 PON) in Croatia, EU. Fuel is up to 5% ethanol and there is no ethanol free fuel. ~1.41 € per liter 10.40 HRK per liter
  15. I agree with you regarding angle and focus, that's why I don't buy Chinese LEDs, and Cyclops is a bit pricey in Croatia. About video I believe that I should have a DSLR which can be set up to fixed exposure value so results are visible. Unfortunately I have only android camera which is not that great for comparing 2 different bulbs. Hopefully someone else will jump in. Osram is cheap (~16$ in Croatia) in comparison to quality (not Chinesium) LED type bulbs (Usually over 100$ with shipping and/or customs).

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