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  1. I have mine sitting in my unheated attached garage. I live in Colorado so there’s not a massive abundance of moisture to worry about. I keep it covers with (in essence) a large trash bag. They are giant bags used to cover military aircraft pallets so imagine like a 800 gallon trash bag lol. I’ve had no issues with moisture. Just draped the bag over it and duct taped it to the floor all the way around
  2. detectivedan

    Welcome C4 Trousers

    if its any help, i was going to trade my 07 for an 09.... was. i ended up changing my mind. the 07 is decently quick and has plenty of torque to get yourself into trouble. plus you get the bonus of a (slightly) cheaper bike and cheaper insurance rates, better mileage, and in my opinion, better looks
  3. i feel that the torque spec for the drain bolt is a little excessive. i usually just german torque it (gootentight)
  4. detectivedan

    change headlight assembly

    alright thanks man
  5. detectivedan

    change headlight assembly

    did you use the standard length motodemic brackets? or the shorter ones?
  6. detectivedan

    Upgraded my headlight. Yey!

    do you have any pics of this setup on your bike? and which brackets did you go with?
  7. has anybody changed out the headlight assembly for something else? another headlight assembly? a small light bar? trying to get some ideas of how it would look/perform edit: ive got the cyclops LED bulb, while it performs great, ive never been a huge fan of the 07's headlight

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