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    At a 4 way stop and forgot to downshift beforehand

    hahaha I always remember to downshift when coming to a stop but I've killed it a couple times just being zoned out because of the heat and panic to go when I realize the light is green lol. embarrassing moments happen to all of us, you're not alone lol.
  2. I put on a brand new tst integrated tail light and the fuses are all good. the break light was actually stuck on. now I can't get the darn thing turn off even after adjusting the rear brake light sensor nut... pissing me off because I want to get out and ride haha.
  3. Did you lube the chain before putting it up? no, since I lubed it all up and cleaned it after storing it last year.
  4. yes, so I figured out it was actually working, but my light was just stuck on... I adjusted the nut by the rear pedal and it flickered a little but after a bit, the light came back on with out me pressing on the breaks. is there something else I need to adjust?
  5. so I ended up cleaning the rotors and calipers with brake cleaner and wah lah! super weird because I haven't added any brake fluid nor was anything leaking from the lines so I'm not sure what caused my brakes to not work... i'll have to just keep a close eye on it and maybe replace the caliper just to be safe. my front brake lever and rear lever are still not initiating my brake light though... any ideas on that?
  6. i did change out the handle bar and put in new fairings after i dropped it towards the end of last season but there were no visible leaks, just cosmetic damages. and i haven't gotten on it yet this year, just spun the wheels on the stand and applied the brakes to see if they were in working condition. the brake lights are also out too so I'm not really sure where to start since i just got it last year and am pretty new to bikes lol.
  7. yeah the bike is on stands and when I spin the wheel then apply the brakes, it continues to spin... I did an oil change but oil did not get on the rotors.
  8. so my fz has pressure in both the lever and rear pedal, but when I apply the brakes, the pads aren't grabbing onto the rotors to slow the bike down... checked the brake lines and there aren't any leaks and there's still plenty of fluid in the brake reservoirs. not sure what the issue is but if anyone has any ideas or has experienced this before, please let me know thanks.

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