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  1. Sorry when I said cartridges would get me most of the way I meant the emulators. My mistake. As far as the labor goes, he was going to charge me $250 to install the front and $50 to install the rear. I thought the front seemed expensive but he's the first person I spoke to about them so I just thought I might not know better. So the K-Tech Razor-Lite would be better than the Ohlins? At $500 I'd be happy with that haha. With the Matrix F15K, would I also need to purchase springs? I literally know nothing about maintenance for motorcycles so I might not say anyone can do it lol but I could try my best. Edit: After reading about some of the F15K issues, I can't say that I'm super comfortable purchasing them.
  2. I was talking to a guy yesterday about the suspension. Kind of made it also seem like cartridges would get me most of the way but wouldn't really do anything for rebound damping. We talked about the rear shock and he was telling me about the K-Tech Razor-Lite and K-Tech Razor, but said the Lite was a lot harder to work on so would cost a lot for maintenance if it needed it, so I should just go with the full Razor. He quoted me about $1400 for the K-Tech Razor installed along with the emulators/springs/adapter installed give or take. I'm just not sure I have that much in my budget right now. Any advice? Maybe a less expensive shock? I've read good things about the Ohlins which sells for only $575 give or take but I've been told it's not fully adjustable either so not sure if that's a big deal.
  3. I just looked them up, and they're located in Corona, CA, only 10 minutes from my house! Definitely going to swing by and chat with them about these options. Can probably swing front suspension for now and do rear later when I can afford it.
  4. darinja

    New color

    I knew it! I had a 2008 Mustang Bullitt and love that color!
  5. What aftermarket fender? Kind of confused by the question.
  6. That's my favorite color by far and wish I would have found it when I was looking (I picked up a red 2017 on Saturday though). Congrats on the gorgeous bike!
  7. After waiting for so long to buy another motorcycle, I finally bought my new 2017 FZ07 w/ ABS! Has everything I wanted from a bike and more! 8,035 miles when I bought it. I've ridden a ZX6R, R1, and Harley, but since moving to California almost 3 years ago I had nowhere to put one. I have a couple things I want to change that I will talk about in the other sections, but for now I'm thinking: 1 - taking off stickers on gas tank 2 - Need to figure out how to change the throttle cable position so I can get the stock mirrors on it. Living in California I need all the vision I can get out of mirrors, and the throttle cable is running directly on top of the mirror insert. Either this or go back to stock bars which are, to me, more comfortable? 3 - Phone mount 4 - The exhaust is LOUD. I was told I could get a db killer for the exhaust but I don't know enough about it to know if I can just add it, or if it'll need a retune after, but I'd like to be able to use a bluetooth headset, and I don't think I'll be able to hear anything with it the way it is right now. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated. Current Mods: Akrapovic Exhaust K&N intake Custom flash and tune with commander Carbon Fiber Gas Tank Pad Cover Carbon Fiber Side Grips Custom FZ-07 Handle Grips LED integrated tail light Bar end mirrors Tail deleted. Yoshimura License bracket installed. Custom LED turn signals CRG levers. M1 Handle Bars (give it a more sport bike feeling) Engine & Side Guards
  8. Perfect thank you so much! After a brief lookup on yamahapartshouse it looks like about $300 plus taxes/shipping. I'm thinking about switching to armor grey too if I'm able to purchase this bike.
  9. Hey everybody, I'm still new here and did some searching but I couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking at buying a 2017 red ABS FZ07 but not a huge fan of the red color, but the price is amazing and I love the ABS option. I'm trying to find a complete parts list of what panels I'd need to replace to change the color to either the 2016 black or 2016 Armor gray. Does anybody have this, and possibly even an idea of cost if I had to buy the parts new? Thanks and I hope to be part of the FZ07 owners soon!
  10. Me either, but I have lots of sympathy for the poor car driver who probably got freaked out about hitting a motorcyclist, whether it was their fault or not (I know it's not in this case).
  11. I used to own an R1, and I freaking love the way the FZ07 sits. Finally got to test ride one Saturday and it's amazing! Also funny that you let him ride it so quick. When I lived in Chicago, I helped my friend buy a motorcycle in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and on the way back we stopped for gas, and a few riders came up to say hi. I was riding my friend's new bike and she was driving my car, and I mentioned how much I loved his 2005 GSX-R 1000 (new body style at this time, this was in 2005). He immediately asked if I wanted to try it out and never even batted his eye when I took it for a 20 minute ride. I figured that he just offered so he could hit on my friend, but after I returned the bike and we left, I asked her and she said they were just talking bikes. What a cool guy, although I could never do that with someone I don't know.

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