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    PR4's vs T30's Anyone got a preferance?

    found these but like revzilla's review (they chose T30 over PR4) I guess anything goes for reviews idk
  2. So its that time where the shop gave me shet at 8k and then i waited till 12k tune up, then they refused to ride it and now its 15k and I've decided it probably is time for a new pair of tyres, but that said I like the long lasting mileage tyres that have a little bit of sport to them as most of my riding is commuting (about 1 weekend a month if that is dedicated to twisties these days : /). Anyways it has come down to the T30s and the PR4s and as far as I have read on other sites people mostly only seem to have ridden one pair, that being the PR4s who weren't asked to review them for whatever reason. With that said, has anyone actually ridden both and has a strong opinion? Would love to hear about it. two tyres in question: https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/michelin-pilot-road-4-rear-tires https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/bridgestone-t30-evo-tires
  3. attackcat109

    Color. Bike and gear

    Hi-Viz is one way to go about getting attention, but one thing that gets attention more than anything is movement and sound. A loud exhaust and a little movement in the lane can go a long way. Other movement devices are things that wouldn't care that your bike is black: helmets with LEDs on them like the shark SKWAL or blinking break-lights, or some integrated turn signals. The blinking break-light's pattern of flash can be adjusted by the resister put into the circuit, where the helmet LEDs will move when you look around or shift position. In the dark no matter if your bike is the colour of midnight or highlighter yellow, both aren't too badly seen in the dark in comparison to lights. Reflective patches are on a lot of jackets even if they aren't hi-viz. But yeah there will come a day where someone just doesn't look and no amount of added visibility will fix that so I wouldn't sweat it so bad. Get the colour you want because once you do you will either regret or love the choice you made.

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