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  1. https://preview.ibb.co/gVUiTF/IMG_0839.jpg' alt='IMG_0839.jpg'>
  2. rekki


    CRG Arrows, looks the best and super high quality. You can see a lot more than stock mirrors.
  3. rekki

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Is there a graph for the TOCE w/ and w/o baffle?
  4. For those with these bar ends, do they have a little gap from the bar when installed, like in the picture? https image
  5. 2WDW recommends removing the snorkel when getting the flash done. Is the video in link correct with just removing the snorkel? You don't have to remove any other covers, etc? [video src=https://youtu.be/xcVi1PsRfHg?t=274]
  6. How much did you guys pay for your flash? I called today and Derek quoted me $349.99 wtf?
  7. Depends where you're at. If youre in a state where theres no sales tax then it seems doable. But if you're near a city like where im at (Philly), most places wanted $7400-7800, the lowest I found was for $7200 in NJ. Its a bike that sells a lot so they don't have too much incentive to let it go for a really cheap price. But really, it depends where you live. $6500 is a little crazy though...basically a steal.
  8. Bought the Toce full exhaust and will be sending my ECU out for a tune soon.
  9. I talked to him I think in the middle of last year, but then I went and bought the Ti Akra muffler after he told me that he was not planning on making any for the FZ07, maybe I should have waited a little longer . If you decide to get the Toce muffler, post a video here, I would like to hear how it sounds. There's a couple on YouTube already. But I'll definitely post something up when I get it.
  10. Last time I talked to the owner of Toce, he said he won't be making any mufflers for our FZ-07, I then called him again after a few months to make sure he didn't change his mind. Is this a project that you are trying to fabricate and get some parts from Toce. Please keep us updated, and let us know if it does work for you, I would like to see the end result, I have always liked the look of that Toce muffler. Black with black would look nice for the bike as it shows in the picture. When did you talk to him? The full system is on his website for sale http://www.toceperformance.com/toce-2013-2016-yamaha-fz-07-razor-tip-full-exhaust-system/
  11. I was in between the Motodynamic and the TST. I chose the TST cause I think it looks better
  12. I do like the Akra Ti, but everyone has it! I wanna be diff, and I really like the Toce pipes.
  13. I got the same windscreen, did yours come a little damage at the middle top, like in the pic?
  14. The Toce exhaust headers come stainless steel or powder coated black. I found a FB members matte silver fz with the stainless steel exhaust and I decided to photoshop it black. Keep in my, my photoshop job sucks and the black headers will match the black muffler on the real Toce headers. So, which looks better w/ the matte silver fz07, stainless steel or powder coated black headers?
  15. rekki

    Hi from Austin!

    What exhaust are you getting?

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