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  1. Looks great! Glad it worked out for both of us, stay safe out there.
  2. $100 local pick up. I got quotes for a few people on the FB page and it was ~$45 For shipping.
  3. Sorry, no. I just had these three pieces.
  4. This was my extra set of gas tank fairings. I purchased them because I was afraid of dropping the bike. I never did and sold the FZ, so now I'm getting rid of these. $100 Fort Worth, TX
  5. Washed it and lubed the chain, then I put her under the cover...The Pitbull stands worked fantastically.
  6. It was a nice house, wish it was mine lol.
  7. Does she like horses? She's fine with horses, her sister rides horses frequently and her mom used to have one.
  8. Shes hates driving cars, she's terrified of bikes.
  9. Understood, this definitely won't be a regular occurrence with this bike. These pictures were taken in the neighborhood without traffic before we took off.
  10. texastj

    Riding Game

    Put some proper gear on that girl! As pretty as she is now she wont be if the pavement has its way with her.. Sorry /rant Also: Damn look at that house!! It was her first ride, we haven't gotten around to investing in gear for her. Also, not our house. I just saw cats. Must just be the angle, she's only about 5'06"
  11. I've had the bike for a year and the fiancée hasn't been excited about the fact that I've been riding. We've been married for two weeks and today she agreed to go for a ride. We did over 50mi of highway and back roads two-up. She even said it was kind of fun, although the back seat was quite uncomfortable for her. Second picture shows her laughing at me as I explain to her that I was taking pictures of cats for the riding game.
  12. texastj

    Riding Game

    3 kitties in the background! Next challenge is with a port a potty in the background.
  13. Hit 2k miles, it only took a full 12 months.

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