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  1. Nice work! Im definitely not trying it again, waaaaaaay too boring
  2. Ive never heard of it either but im not the one you gotta convince haha. There was one time i forgot to take my helmet off and they actually disable the pump i was at until i took it off. Im in Australia
  3. Thats pretty much how i did it. Take off from lights in 3rd, avoid highways and hills (especially because im....... voluptuous) and cruising in 6th at anything over about 50kph. As soon as i refilled i hit a nice twisty road near mine and hit 90kph in 2nd. Holy $#!7 did it feel great
  4. Nope. As soon as i got my phone out to try there was an announcement over their PA system saying 'the person at pump 6, please put your phone away'. Something to do with safety and the pump blowing up. Thats why i took the receipt. You think thats bad, try filling up wearing your helmet. They go nuts
  5. Convenient that its on the history channel because if he doesnt make it.... That dude is crazy. Good on him though. I appreciate all the things he has to do and all the meticulous planning that goes into each stunt.
  6. I really hope so. I dont think i could handle that much boring riding again. The bottom pic is of my receipt after filling up. They're a bit funny about phones at petrol stations around here.
  7. Forgot to add 75.8 US mpg calculated
  8. Having some trouble with other photos. Will put up as soon as i can
  9. 450.0km (279.6 miles) would not have made it to 280 88.9km in the reserve (55.2 miles) Indicated economy 3.2l/100km Calculated economy 3.102l/100km Petrol used 13.96l ( used BP 98) Probably 450km of the most boring riding ever but the old girl did it. Engine started missing the last couple km but she made it to the petrol station on 449.9 so i had to do a little lap of it to get to 450 even. No highway riding. About 10km of two up. Bike is pretty much stock except for akra carbon and yamaha sports screen. I weigh 315lbs with full gear. Will try and add all the pics to this post but my laptop is dead and my phone camera is playing up so apologies in advance if it takes a million posts.
  10. Its on like donkey kong
  11. dmoney

    Hello from Australia

    Never anyone from Perth haha. Welcome to forum mate, this place is great and full of helpful people Hows that windscreen you have on it? Ive seen them on ebay and have thought about it a bit but i do mainly freeway riding these days so have a feeling it'll be about as useful as a chocolate teapot
  12. dmoney

    Hello from Australia

    Hey buddy, where abouts in Australia are you?
  13. Thats a fair point. My personal rule has always been to go max 20kph faster than traffic up to 60kph. If traffic is faster than 60kph its too dangerous to lane-split and theres not much point. I dont want to sound like some daredevil when i really ride like a grandma
  14. Exactly why i hate these videos (and yet i still watched it ) I have nothing against lane-splitting (have the fine to prove it unfortunately) but theres a safer way to do it than these guys. I got busted for it doing 35kph while traffic was doing about 20kph. After that and seeing stuff like this i dont bother anymore. Id rather be 20 mins late in this life than 20 years early for the next one.
  15. Theres a difference between a moron and an outright piece of $#!7. Im glad that some of the door opening ones were on police bikes only because you know that p.o.s. got absolutely hammered when it came to punishment, not because i have any ill feelings towards police. Most of the people in that video are morons. A dead giveaway is that some of them thought shorts and a shirt were safety equipment.

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