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  1. mushymushroom

    Anyone in Madison, Wisconsin?

    What’s up Oshkosh, Green Bay here.
  2. mushymushroom

    Triumph releasing bad ass new 2018 Speed Triple

    It was there at the show, I wasn't actually expecting to see it. Saw it on the show floor and turned to my friend and brother-in-law and said the reveal video literally just came out a few days ago. The Honda CB1000R neo sports cafe bike was there too but it said MSRP: TBA. This was my first motorcycle convention, so there was a lot to look at. My brother-in-law took a picture of me next to Valentino Rossi's MotoGP bike, I thought they would put a barrier around it like a lot of the custom bikes, old school bikes. The only thing on it was a tiny tag on the seat that says not to sit on it.
  3. mushymushroom

    Triumph releasing bad ass new 2018 Speed Triple

    I sat on the new white Speed Triple RS yesterday at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Chicago, felt nice but I had to tippy toe on it, I’m 5’10 with a 30” inseam. I have to tippy toe super sport bikes.
  4. mushymushroom

    Hello from Wisco!

    Hello fellow Wisconsin rider. I have the same color bike; washing the hiviz wheels suck so much though.
  5. mushymushroom

    New member from Wisco

    Hi, welcome and hope your enjoying the bike. I know what you mean about the winter and summer, ride as much as you can while weather is good. I'm also from Wisconsin.
  6. So this just happened, I came to a four way stop and apparently it was my turn and I forgot I was still in 6th gear, but I saw it and tried to down shift as fast as I could and man was it not doing it. It went to 5th then blank and as much as I push down on the pedal it wasn't going down anymore. I tried to let it roll and then it drop to 4th and finally got it to 1st. The panic set in though and I let off the clutch too fast and I did this weird chicken head being thrown back thing as it jerked hard forward into the middle of the road and stalled. I got it restarted and rode off as fast as I can, how embarrassing! I got further down and started laughing at my stupidity. I didn't know it wouldn't shift if I'm just stationary. Who has had this experience before?

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