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  1. Beat me to it by 3 minutes...
  2. I've heard arguments against it, but they mostly have to deal with the evaporative canisters getting liquid fuel instead of just vapor in them and needing to be replaced. I've also heard that if you fill it all the way, the gas (being in a tank on top of your engine and exposed to the sun) heats up and needs empty air space for room to expand. I imagine there's plenty space that you can't get to no matter how much gas you put in But I've always put as much as I could on whatever bike I was on and have not exploded once. Ever.
  3. rider

    Sport Bike Newbie

    Well, it is for maybe a quarter mile. My insurance thinks it's a standard or something close. They classify it as "unclassified sport", so insurance is a lot cheaper than a sport bike. (And isn't every bike a sport bike when you're leaning, knee out, nailing it through a curve and you're Valentino Rossi-ing (or whoever) it inside your helmet?)
  4. rider

    Sport Bike Newbie

    Welcome to our world. Like they said above, take it easy and you'll get the feel of it. The front wheel can get light in lower gears, so be careful until you get used to it. It'll be like you lost a lot of weight and had lasik surgery. You can move a lot easier, quicker and faster and you can see much better. Also, you'll have to start bathing regularly.
  5. I get the stand close to where it needs to be, a little to the right of center of the rear tire. Leave the side stand down. Just take it slow and make sure everything is aligned and steady (ish). Stand on the left side (side stand side) of the bike and grab it with your left hand somewhere sturdy (I hold the plastic on the right side around the rear of the front seat) and stand the bike up straight, staying ready to pull it back on the side stand in case something goes wonky. Guide the rear stand under the swing arm with your right hand. When you get it far enough under, start pushing the handle down. You'll feel when the bike is stable on the stand, then you can let go of the bike and push the handle all the way. This works for me. Always a little sketchy until the bike settles on the stand. Maybe have somebody with you to spot the bike the first couple of times until you're comfortable with it. I also mark the position of the paddles with a sharpie for different bikes so I don't have to measure every time I work on something different.
  6. rider

    Hello world

    This movie was so... bad? odd? weird? (I watched it at least 3 times I think).
  7. rider

    What Size Rivets?

    Maybe this? There are 4 part numbers listed so I'd call them and ask. They've got awesome customer service. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/akrapovic-exhaust-rivet. Or, once you have the rivets drilled out, you can use a drill bit to measure the diameter of the hole. For the length you'll need to measure the total thickness of what you're riveting together and get rivets with that grip range (or multiply the thickness by 1.5). If you go to a hardware or parts store, take an old rivet with you and choose a head that matches. I don't know if they're aluminum or stainless (I would imagine stainless), but you can tell when you get the old one out.
  8. I use the stock bars - I'm pretty happy with them. I'm still using the Dart Manta on my bike. I really like it, but I'm thinking about putting some spacers under the rear mounts to see if it will deflect a bit more are higher up. If that doesn't work, I'm still good with the Manta. The Manta doesn't seem to deflect quite as much wind off of my shoulders as the MRA Double Bubble (the Manta is a bit narrower towards the top), but I can't tell for sure as I don't often ride my wife's bike (not set up for me, she's smaller (and softer and smells nicer)). But the MRA seems a bit noisier then the Manta. Not bad, just noisier. I don't see that much difference in the effectiveness of the two screens. They are both a great improvement for highway riding. I would go by which one you think looks best, they're that close in performance to me.
  9. Must've got it started.
  10. I've done the same thing. Park the bike, start talking to somebody or see something shiny and just derp away leaving the key on. Come back later wondering why your key isn't in your pocket... Tip: Always shut the bike off with the key. Leave the run button alone and keep it on "run". It won't hurt it one bit. You may have bought a dead battery. It's happened, but the store should check it first (unless it's Walmart or a place like that). How did you try jumping it? If you used a car, you have to do it with the car not running and use the battery only. If you leave the car running, it's possible to blow fuses or fry the ecu, regulator, starter or other electrical stuff. I'm not sure how well protected the FZ 07 is in this case. I know on other bikes bad things have happened. Like @Cruizin and @DewMan said, check the battery and fuses. If those are good, you may have to do some research and start buzzing out components or take it to a shop. Lots of really smart people on this forum, so hopefully somebody will know better than me and chime in. Hopefully it's something easy and cheap. Keep us updated.
  11. rider


    Been wondering that myself. Thread derailments are dangerously low.
  12. I've never had a new bike. Never bought used from a dealer. Never had a problem buying a used one from the classifieds or Craigslist. I found my 1st 2015 FZ 07 with 1800 miles on it abut 90 mIles from where i live and the 2nd with 3000 miles about 120 miles away. Paid around $6k for each. They already had a bunch of mods so I didn't get to choose what was on them, but I changed what I wanted to after I got them. There will probably be a few barely used 2018's hitting Craigslist this fall or winter if you wait it out. Just make sure to run some sort of title check and make sure that whoever is selling it is the owner on the title. If anything looks any kind of sketchy, walk away, there's always more out there.
  13. His steering locked. Didn't you hear him? Because steering locks in the center position. Happens all the time. Jeez, people.
  14. rider

    AH! The theme changed!

    It works! Thanks @Cruizin. Go enjoy your weekend. Enough geeking for now.
  15. rider

    AH! The theme changed!

    Is it supposed to be there on phones, too? I thought that was where it was, but I don't see it there on my phone anymore. Not on the home page or anywhere. I scrolled up and down several times, didn't see it. It's no big deal to me, I like the dark theme, but can live with anything. Samsung S4 Active with Android 5.0.1. (Yeah, it's old and outdated, but so am I.) Editt: Just checked my laptop. Not there either. PC running Windows 10.

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