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  1. It didn't work for me on tapatalk either but on the regular internet navigator yep!
  2. Welcome backkkkk!!! Yeaaahhh!!!
  3. hamster

    UK newbie

  4. hamster

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    Hello and welcome!!! )
  5. hamster

    New member from Crosby Texas

    Well, to my experience, revzilla has a good client service, but pricewise they aren't usually the cheapest - but you can use their price match service if needed (then you have to forget about earning zilla cash).
  6. Hello!! Just spotted the next MCN suspension vids, for newbies like me in this area. Basic components of a rear shock: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=iLrZE9ypfg0 Basic adjustments: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=G5t-6BpbtQU Hope it helps!!
  7. hamster

    New FZ07 rider in Tennessee

    Haha, nice that the community helps!!! Welcome and please contribute!!
  8. hamster

    New member from Crosby Texas

    Welcome!! Check www.motorcycle-superstore.com, www.motovationusa.com and the vendors in this forum - good service and prices!
  9. hamster

    sc project vs akrapovic

    SC Project owner here and I totally agree with everything you said. Well, almost everything, I think you're kind of exaggerating on the price part. But everything else you said are simply objective facts and I don't see anyone trying to argue with you. Any exhaust is designed as a compromisation of different things (looks, sound, performance, weigh, emissions, cost, etc). I don't think the SC is made poorly, it's just a solution that is looks & sound oriented. So, if you're mainly interested in those two things when looking for an exhaust, it's one of the best solutions out there. It really is not designed for performance, but not because the company lacks the know-how (they're in MotoGP after all) or because they tried to make a cheap product(the quality of the product is top notch). They simply went another direction than the manufacturers you mentioned. By the way, I'm pretty sure nobody's spending 500-1000$ to gain those 1-3hp. If you're really looking for performance, an exhaust is probably one of the worst power per buck mods you can get. So just pick the exhaust you like best and enjoy it the way you want to. Agreeing! (SC-Project owner here!)
  10. You can change it in any MT/FZ from km/h - mi/h.
  11. hamster

    New FZer from Houston

    Haha, nice pics and welcome!! Looking forward for you contribution around here too!
  12. Made in Ti, full system. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/new-product-graves-motorsports-full-titanium-performance-exhaust-system-for-yamaha-fz07?dom=rss-default&src=syn
  13. hamster

    new member from mass

    Welcome!!!! Love that color combo!!
  14. The engine braking is heavy too on the EU version - I test rode it last year before coming to the US.
  15. hamster

    Black Widow Exhaust

    You have to look under MT-07 which is the European version of the FZ. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but their pipes are exactly the same from my knowledge. Yes, they are.

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