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  1. I don't get this comment
  2. Well.... his R6 is fast! Really fast! These two bikes are not comparable, but there are, of course, differences. From a better suspension, a more comfortable seat etc. It's a fact that the R6 goes to 300 km/h, but this is not the primary thing for me ... MT-07 is certainly more fun.
  3. Changed (switched) oil to MOTUL 300V 4T FACTORY LINE 10W-40
  4. Mproject

    "ELA" - MT-07 from Zagreb, Croatia

    When you give a toy to a child (rofl)
  5. Hi all... While my bike was at my mechanic for the oil/filter change and some crash cage modifications my friend came to my home and just told me: "Get your gear on! We are going for a ride..." He gave me his Yamaha R6 (champion bike in 600 class drag-race) while he drove Suzuki DR-Z400. Just a peacefull drive to make my day P.S. Such gestures show true friendship [video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miLGBg3nkB8]
  6. The item at this moment isn't available any more... Here is a screenshot of the purchased one:
  7. Yeah I seen this text, but if you read any of this sellers items text is plain copy/paste... I already put it away in the "bad XP" drawer
  8. Just to keep you updated on situation... It needed to create a set of selens that goes into the holes.... Drilling the holes bigger isn't a option because it's not just the holes that are missaligned... its the cage itself that isnt "fit"...
  9. Thanks! I just took a side shot of the bike and played with it in Paint Shop Pro. I may have some "templates"...I'll have to look. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and if I still have them I'll send them to ya. - Paulie Ok... I thought maybe something like this...
  10. Windscreen: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-F83J0-10-01 Price: 180 € Sticker: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-FMCGR-00-01 Price: 8.80 € Crash cage: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-F43B0-10-00 Price: 271 € Hand Protectors: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-F85F0-00-01 Price: 349 € Radiator scoops: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-E24D0-10-00 Price: 94 € Under plate: Ref Yamaha: 1WS-F84R0-10-00 Price: 145 €
  11. Original Yamaha comes only in fluo (2016) and red (2015) colors - matching the original color scheme of the bikes. Moto cage option is not available in any other color. At the time I was searching for it it was almost impossible to find this cages alone... I found only this: https://fz07.org/thread/8527/crash-bar-guard-engine-replica and REGRET IT! Please read it
  12. I know the feeling (rofl)

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