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    Fatbar conversion

    I ended up ordering about 2 weeks ago. It should arrive within 4 weeks from now, but we'll see, since it is made to order apparently. Edit: I know I said that I ordered above but long story short, Swedish retailers are f@#king retarded. Not going through that circus again, goddamn.
  2. bentebent

    Fatbar conversion

    Looking good! I ended up ordering the LSL conversion kit, together with a LSL X-Bar. Will post here once I get the parts and everything is mounted on the bike! I actually found another meter relocation kit if anyone is interested, by SSK. https://japan.webike.net/products/23018983.html No clamps though, but I'm guessing you could source some universal ones quite easily.
  3. bentebent

    Fatbar conversion

    It's part of their fatbar conversion kit.
  4. Looking at swapping my bars currently and I want to swap to fatbars while doing it. Found 3 different options so far, anyone have experience with either? LSL X-Bar Clamps (can't direct link, scroll down at http://www.lsl.eu/php/index.php#artikelnummer.php?artikelnummer=127) Gilles Tooling 1DGT (Impossible to find good pictures of this one, looks really weird too http://www.polo-motorrad.com/en/anbausatz-fur-1dgt-klemmbocke-yamaha-mt-07.html) Gilles Tooling 2DGT (Looks to be prett much the same as the LSL one, but with adjustable clamps https://www.gillestooling.com/products/handlebars/2dgt-adjustable-handlebar-risers/90/2dgt-verstellbare-lenkerboecke-universal-schwarz) Anyone know any other alternatives? Opinions on either? I'm leaning towards the LSL one, even if it means having to drop my flyscreen (which doesn't do much good anyway). Think the speedo will end up in a better or worse position (stock is pretty bad already though)?

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