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  1. CapnKirk

    Might be losing my mind...Z125/Grom

    I owned a Grom as a second bike. I enjoyed it for about 2 years and sold it off. Ultimately, I made the decision based on its HP. Just my $.02, in a 35MPH or lower, the Grom was is in its prime. At 45MPH zones+, hills become a problem and I am only 160 pounds. Mine bogged down some to pull the hills. They top out at just above 60MPH (took a while to get there) on the flat, and that was just a bit under powered for my taste, especially in busy traffic. It just did not have anything left for breakaway situations. I rode the Grom a bunch and had many smiles. At times I miss it. If it had just a little more umph, I would buy another. I kept hoping the manufacturers would follow the quarter liter bikes and put larger engines in them.
  2. If you could have one seat remade so we could see what you have in mind, it may be easier to have us reluctant folks to send in our seats. Its been unusually cold these last few weeks and would be the perfect time to turn this around. I do not foresee riding anytime soon. Thanks for giving this a shot.
  3. I could potentially be interested in option 2 only. I wont give up my OEM seat. I would only consider after seeing photos of what the seat looks like on the bike from several angles. I am not fond of seats that look like pillows. This may be more than your seat guy wants to deal with but I am fond of having a few choices, especially stitching colors. I have the hi-viz model of the FZ and if the stitching is done nice and could match the wheels, to me that would add a bit of custom look and I would be willing to pay a bit more for it. I have seen side panels from some manufacturers that can be had in different colors and those look really sharp. So a few options within reason may bring more buyers. Subscribed to see what happens..
  4. CapnKirk

    Brisk morning ride

    I live in the Christiansburg/Blacksburg area. Not too close but not to far either!! Ride Safe, Kirk
  5. CapnKirk

    Brisk morning ride

    It's been between 5 and 15 degrees here in SW Virginia the last couple days. I ride down to ~40 for short bursts. I am a fair weather rider. Back in my teens, different story. Stay Safe! Kirk
  6. CapnKirk

    VT checking in

    Welcome! Ride Safe, Kirk
  7. CapnKirk

    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome! Ride Safe, Kirk
  8. CapnKirk

    got me an FZ-07

    Welcome! Ride Safe, Kirk
  9. CapnKirk

    New member and my first Yamaha!

    Welcome! Ride Safe, Kirk
  10. CapnKirk

    West Texas Dweller

    Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk
  11. CapnKirk

    Howdy from Arkansas

    Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk
  12. Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk
  13. CapnKirk

    Hello from Athens, Greece.

    Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk
  14. CapnKirk

    North Florida rider here

    Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk
  15. CapnKirk

    hello from Hamilton ON Canada

    Welcome Aboard! Ride Safe, Kirk

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