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  1. Mine was pretty clean and scratch free when I got it but the knicks on yours don't look too bad. I'm not sure I would've noticed it either way. Regardless, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  2. twinturbo

    Brake light stuck on??

    I have also had this problem from the dealer. I only noticed when I swapped out my stock brake light for the TST one. It ended up being the rear brake switch. It is very finicky so you may need to adjust it a few times to get it in the sweet spot where it still lights up and engages but doesn't have a super long "throw" to where it feels less responsive.
  3. I personally liked the look of the TST one more so that was the one I went with. Both have very similar programming functionality so I think it's really down to looks. I have the smoked TST, and it looks very flush with the bike. Since it is black it blends well with the tail when the bike is off, but is very bright when on so no worries about not being seen.
  4. After debating for awhile what tail light I wanted I just ordered a smoked TST integrated tail light with their custom signal relay so I can get rid of the pumpkins in the back https://tstindustries.com/TST-LED-Integrated-Taillight-2015-R3-FZ07.html

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