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  1. Elvishpresley

    Problem with rear lights.

    Thanks I will look into the bulb and fuses. I really thought those lights were on as running lights. Thanks All.
  2. I have an issue. Tag light is out and the rear blinkers do not come (running lights) on with bike ON. Rear blinkers do work. Any ideas where I should start looking?
  3. Elvishpresley

    What other bikes have you owned?

    Only other bike is a Suzuki TU250X. BTW It is still a blast to ride. I can treat the throttle on it like an ON/OFF switch and never get in trouble while getting near 90MPG commuting.
  4. Look at and listen to ANY Hardly Ableson ride by then ask that again. Truth is it depends on where you live really. We have that same regulation in OK and I ride with a Full Yoshi (DB Killer removed) It's never been a problem for me.
  5. Elvishpresley

    Riding Game

    Guess no one rides around animal danger areas.
  6. Elvishpresley

    Go pro mount options

    I have a gopro mount on my front brake reservoir. right between the screws. works great for forward facing video.
  7. Elvishpresley

    Riding Game

    Historic round barn. Up next... Animal crossing sign? No idea what all has been done so far.
  8. Elvishpresley

    5 State Iron Butt

    24 hrs is the limit. 1k in that time. Needed a route away from the sun the whole way. Starting in OK this meets that. Bonus is it's also 5 states in 24 hrs
  9. Elvishpresley

    5 State Iron Butt

    Not a report but a plan. I plan to do this by end of year. 5 States. 1000 Miles. 24 Hours. 2 Wheels. image hosting

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