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    What other bikes have you owned?

    These are the ones that I remember, and doesn't include the parts / projects bike I bought with good intentions, but ended up flipping when other things came up. 1987 Suzuki Savage 2003 Triumph America 1979 Yamaha XS650 1966 BSA Lightning 1965 Triumph 6T Thunderbird Chopper 1999 BMW R1100R 1993 Harley Sportster 1200 (Brat Style) 1994 Harley FXR (still own it) 1980 Kawasaki KZ650 2001 Sportster 1200 S 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 (still own it)
  2. grail21

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    I've owned a few older HD's (mid to late 90s models) and still have a '93 FXR in my stable. I love my FXR and a solid mount 1200 Sportster is one of my all time favorite bikes to ride / modify / build. I sold my last Sportster late last year but I know I'll end up owning another one in the future. I'd be more interested in the Street Rod as a modern interpretation if it weighed 400-450lbs, but at 516lbs it's just a pig by modern day standards (for it's class). I'd rather buy a 93-01 Sportster 1200 for $2500, throw an inverted front end on it, customize it to bits and ride the piss out of it. It would still be cheaper than a Street Rod. Plus it's easier to wrench on, cheap parts everywhere for it, with very little effort you can get one down to 450lbs (further if you get crazy) and with an exhaust and S&S carb has all the power I need. I've had that configuration and not only did it pull like a tractor, but it could hit triple digits without much effort (that said, I'm not a triple digit rider). I've no way to do a side by side, but I'm fairly certain that an FZ will blow it out of the water when it comes to handling and speed. That said, if you've never owned a Harley, there is a certain something about that boat anchor of a motor that is irresistible - that's coming from someone who was predisposed to dislike them. Whether it's the grunt, torque, bark, soul.... whatever you want to call it, there is something to it that I enjoy. I just wish HD could get their technology and pricing more inline with the competition.
  3. Another one from today. Don't like the designs on the cheap radiator covers on ebay? A dremel makes quick work of that.
  4. Got a bunch done today. Assembled my motodynamic fender eliminator, but some surgery to some turn signals I had in the stash put installation on hold. Installed ebay radiator guard. Installed ebay levers. Installed motodynamic turn signal relay. Taped up my tank plastics to prep for a little plasti dip. Then made a mess of the garage by starting my next experiment seen here: Gotta show these because I'm cautiously optimistic that it will turn out decent.
  5. That color looks great, nicely done. What's the color?
  6. grail21


    +1 for what norcal said, he hit it spot on. If you like the styling of the XSR, that's a great bike. The 900 is more power than I want, I keep wishing they'll bring the XSR700 to the states because I love the styling. The XSR is taller than the FZ-09 and the FZ-09 is taller than the FZ-07. You should absolutely sit on all of them before buying, only way you'll know is by checking them out in person. I think there are plenty of people your size that ride the FZ-07, but the only way to know if it "fits" you is to sit on it.
  7. grail21


    Before you get to "fit" - what level of rider are you? While I'd say the FZ07 is a good bike for any level, (maybe a hair much for a first bike but certainly manageable) I don't think the XSR, FZ09 or R6 is a good bike for a beginner. The XSR and FZ09 especially are a LOT of power. Also depends on what kind of riding you're going to be doing - the R6 with it's fairings and tucked riding position is different from the 3 naked bikes that are very upright.
  8. Wrestled these trackside handguards for way longer than I should have, but finally got them to fit well with a little coaxing and a modified bar end spacer (so that the throttle wouldn't stick). Lost one of the mounting nuts in the bar while I was installing which slowed me down because I had to disassemble everything, take the bars off and shake the bugger out. Quite happy with how they look, but no more bar end mirrors so I've got to figure out what I'm going to use.
  9. Kbob - those side decals look great - are they really as spendy as as they appear on the Caprimoto website (approx $100 euro shipped to US) or did you find some place else to get them?
  10. grail21

    New owner from MA

    Welcome from another Masshole
  11. Great vid, I have taking a bunch of classes on my to-do list. Want to hit a track class even though I have no intention of racing. Anything that makes you a better rider leads to more fun... and a safer ride.
  12. I've been on a bit of a spree Cheapo Radiator Guard that will get modified: http://www.ebay.com/itm/401278281078 Motoport USB Plug: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DYE54LI/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Proper Masking Tape for Paint: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000SMXWZA/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Intense Teal Plasti Dip: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Plasti-Dip-Aerosol-Intense-Teal/136423104 Motodynamic Fender Eliminator: https://www.motodynamic.com/yamaha/fender-eliminator/fender-eliminator-kit-yamaha-fz-07-2015-2017.html A spare passenger pad for some fiberglass cowl experiments from a member on this board. Lots on the to-do list once everything arrives
  13. Yeah, I've been leaning more towards plasti dip because at least I have a little experience on the paint side of things. Always good to keep an open mind and yours came out looking great. I've got to try it one of these days. Thanks for the video link.
  14. Go big or go home! Can't wait to see this come together.

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