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  1. +1 for aftermarket accessories causing issues. I installed a controller for heated gloves and can't let the bike sit for more than a couple days unless I have the battery tender hooked up. Without the controlled hooked up, I can go weeks without needing the battery tender.
  2. If this is still available, I'm interested.
  3. mecmar44

    Damn fuel gauge inconsistency

    The most I could get after the E started flashing was 38 miles. Found out the hard way this weekend.
  4. mecmar44


    Just got 55mpg out of my last tank.
  5. mecmar44

    Tax return sale!

    When will this deal run out?
  6. I haven't adjusted the light because I didn't want to have the highbeam pointed at the sky (exaggerating a bit).
  7. I just bought the 3800 version a couple months ago and tried it without spacers and I almost put the stock light back in. I have since added spacers and can live with the output but I may look for a better upgrade in the future.
  8. mecmar44

    How Often Do You Ride Your Bike?

    I mostly use my bike for commuting. I try to ride at least 5 days a week, more if I get some time on the weekends and the weather cooperates.
  9. Replaced the headlight with a cyclops 3800.
  10. mecmar44

    Best Exhaust?

    I really want an Akra TI but $915 is a hard pill to swallow.
  11. mecmar44

    Give away!

    Wouldn't mind having a set of those brake lines.
  12. The lowest that I've seen has been 52. I use mine mostly for commuting ~40 miles a day. I can usually get upwards of 200 miles out of a tank.
  13. mecmar44

    Hi from Pittsburgh

    Welcome! I grew up just north of Pittsburgh so I know the area pretty well. I'm in Georgia now so I get to take advantage of the longer riding season but I use my FZ for commuting / weekend fun. Sure is nice filling up the tank for $8 vs $40 in the Cherokee. If mileage is a concern, i've been averaging around 52-58 city/highway mix and 60+ going 60-70mph.

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