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    Found out how far you can lean

    You might know this but you look wayyyyyy crossed up in your vids. You want your body weight on the inside of the bike's center of mass in a turn, not the other way around.
  2. I have definitely noticed some vagueness in the front when riding in the twisties but if I sit with my crotch right up against the tank and use more deliberate body position (one butt cheek on the seat, nose towards the mirror, look through the turn, upper body close to the tank, etc.) I notice a huge improvement in mechanical grip and feel. If riding some canyons I usually drop a couple psi in the tires as the rec'd 36 / 33 feels pretty high but I am in Socal so our roads are usually hot. I have intentionally tried to break the rear free in corners but our rear tire is so fat I have never really been able to feel a slide. I used to ride dirtbikes so that feeling is pretty common and it just doesn't come on this bike - even if spanking it out of a turn. I am sure you could break it free and highside if you took a really tight turn and goosed it in first but with smooth but aggressive throttle input the rear feels dead solid to me. Front is a little iffy though. She definitely likes to back it into corners though, so breaking the rear free coming into a corner is another story
  3. This was my exact intention when I first saw the 07R kits - I really wanted all the performance and suspensions mods but to leave the bike naked. I doubt I could pour that much money into the bike but it sure would be sweet. If you don't mind me asking, how much did the parts cost you?
  4. It's a step in the right direction for HD in my opinion. I like all bikes - but most Harley's have never appealed to me that much. Not that I've never seen a Harley that I thought was cool - I think a lot of them are cool, I just wouldn't buy one for myself. I don't always buy the argument of comparing stats / components per dollar. Yes a lot of people shop for bikes this way but in the end owning a motorcycle is an emotional decision, and a personal one. People should buy the bike that gets them excited and not scrounge over .1 second faster 0-100 times or who's brembos are bigger. That being said this bike is a COW and I will be happy to blow the doors (the doors..?) off of it when I see one at a red light.
  5. I would just follow the manual's service intervals, wait for 4k.
  6. Anything specific I should be doing for the 4k service other than what has already been mentioned? Thanks.
  7. Either I cannot google for shet right now or there just aren't that many resources for doing the second service yourself. My (U.S.) manual says to do my second service at 4k miles so I am going to do it at 4k - I don't care what your tea-drinking or your maple-leafing manual says. That being said does anyone have any resources of what they did for the 4k service? The manual covers quite a lot of stuff which to me seems unnecessary for still a relatively new bike - but most of it is just "check, replace if necessary." How many of you guys did your second service themselves? What all did you do for it? Oil and filter is obvious... Lube all cables? Throttle body sync? Manual says to get it done but the dealer likes to charge up the ass for that and I don't have the tool for it. Thanks

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