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  1. Hope Yamaha brings Tracer 700 and this bike to North America.
  2. fzob1

    G'day from Tassie

    Thank you for the info. I came from faired bikes and, to be honest, I was shocked at how smooth the airflow was. just running my hand up and down behind the screen whilst riding did show that it was displacing a fair amount of air. I was impressed... but it looks a bit bulbous.
  3. fzob1

    G'day from Tassie

    Does that windscreen work well to keep wind off you?
  4. fzob1

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    Thanks again. Stock suspension on the FJ-09 was like it had aftermarket suspension ......
  5. fzob1

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    Thank you for the info.
  6. fzob1

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    Thank you for the response. One more question. I am 150 lbs and ride solo. I am not a racer either. Will the stock suspension be fine on the 07 and 09?
  7. fzob1

    FZ-07 vs FJ-09

    Thank you for sharing your experience and comparisons on these bikes. I just happen to be interested in these two bikes I have been looking hard at a FZ07 as next bike. I am coming from heavy cruisers and want to change my riding to more fun and nimble. My riding will be city and backroads usually in the 55 mph range. The only concern I have with the FZ07 for that type of riding is the wind protection (lack of). I see you have a windscreen on the 07 in the photo. Does that help? I am trying to have enough protection so I do not get beat up after a few hours on the road. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.
  8. at http://www.westfieldyamaha.com Not sure about OTD, maybe you could call them.
  9. fzob1

    Interesting documentary

    How so? Just curious
  10. fzob1

    I moved

    You Sir have all my respect. This has to be the best photo on this forum to date.
  11. fzob1

    Advanced Sport bike Rider Class

    Some places have free courses like www.osceolasheriff.org/sheriff/113-14385-24255/smart_motorcycle_safety_course.cfm
  12. This ^^ I would love to see this done on a FZ07. Only change I wish would be gravity feed to keep it simple.
  13. Adding an aux tank can be an option. Something like this http://www.tourtanks.com/ Or carrying additional gas in something like this https://rotopax.com/
  14. It is available online. Select the Stealth Black option

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