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  1. teebrunz

    Ejk + DNA?

    Searched around and haven’t found much info on this. Anyone running the DNA stage 2 kit with the ejk. Just wondering if there’s some recommended settings out there. I have an m4 exhaust with baffle out. I realize the best route is probably an ecu flash, but having already invested in the ejk this would be getting pricey. I’ve only recently come around to the idea of purchasing the dna just to see if I could get a lil more punch out of the bike. Which may not be possible with just the ejk...agh help!
  2. Received my drag bars, r6 throttle tube, and cyclops 7k lumen led headlight today. Sore back from work and cold weather is gonna delay the install a couple days, but cant wait to see how the new bars and throttle feel
  3. teebrunz

    Foot Pegs

    Those of you that have bought R3 pegs, you just go to a local dealer and pick them up? And what comes with them, pegs and pins?

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