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  1. Good to hear - Can't wait.
  2. thegrommet

    Newish member from Canada

    Spring is here finally. New exhaust and new tune really makes a big difference!
  3. thegrommet

    HULAGN_My 2015 FZ07 Build

    "Bike getting tuned in by @twowheeldynoworks" Just curious - what kind of results did you get from the M4/Hordpower combo with Nels?
  4. thegrommet

    Modify FZ-07 Stock Exhaust

    I put a few holes in last year - it was free and I couldn't resist. It definitely makes the bike sound a little more aggressive and I didn't notice any adverse effects as far as power and driveability goes. It let me delay the inevitable for a little bit anyway. New exhaust is now ordered so away with the stock exhaust!!
  5. thegrommet

    M4 exhaust install

    Good to know - I have an M4 on order. Also second the video request.
  6. M4 slip-on from Motostarz.ca and a tune from Nels on order - thinking about the MWR filter/cover combo from Bellisimoto
  7. thegrommet

    Canadian online stores

    I've had good luck with motostarz.ca and fortnine.ca (used to be canadasmotorcycle.com). Have also used kapscomoto.com for simple things like pegs, cheap handlebars, etc.
  8. thegrommet

    So, what helmet do you guys wear?

    HJC RPHA 10 - Pretty happy with it, just wish it was slightly more oval (I'm beginning to think I have a weird shaped head)
  9. thegrommet

    Yamaha comfort seat

    I have one of these on my black bike - Red stitching looks nice but more importantly I am much more comfortable. The foam is firmer which makes it feel less comfy at first but my butt settles in nicely without compressing the foam completely. I'm ~200 lbs and the original seat would flatten right out after 45 minutes or so- I went for a couple 2-3 hour rides since and have been much happier. Still not sure I'd look forward to a whole day ride but I may just be a big baby. Also - My wife finds the rear seat much more comfortable with this so that makes it worth the money to me.
  10. Joined last year and lurked a little - I'm from Northwestern Ontario near the Manitoba border on Lake of The Woods. I have a 2016 FZ-07 that I put 5000 km on last year and waiting for snow to melt to get started again this year. Currently in the garage behind some other projects but I have parts on the way. Will post pics when dug out.

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