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  1. lowpass89

    2017 parts on a 2018

    I wouldn't mind putting the 2018 plastics and seat on my 2016 if that is possible. Haven't looked close enough at the pictures to see if it looks doable.
  2. lowpass89

    ducati monster 797

    Damn, really wish I knew about the demo day (dream manufacturer)! My friend lent me his Streetfighter 848 last week, and now I'm debating on trading in for one I found in New Braunfels.
  3. lowpass89


    I have two cheap Harbor Freight ramps; no issues after 4-5 uses. 6.5' I think, which made it tough to get into an F-150 I used to own. Backed the truck up to a sidewalk curb and set the ramp there. Decreased the ramp angle and made life easier.
  4. lowpass89

    Texas Hill Country Ride

    Nice, good on ya! Triple heat index down in the valley has kept me from riding much, but I want to get back to hill country and ride around Lake Travis soon.
  5. https://tstindustries.com/TST-LED-Flasher-Relay-Gen2.html Here's the link bhunt is on about. It's plug-and-play, so pretty simple. I put one on my 2016 when I switched to LED signals.
  6. lowpass89

    Comfort Seat and Other OEM Parts

    I ordered fairings and all the foam bits from Bike Bandit (matte silver to black). Everything showed up just fine, and I didn't see much price difference between online stores.
  7. Probably not if you went back towards Austin. We came up from the Corpus area but didn't get to Leakey until around 10pm Friday night (freakin' cold haha). That area has the closest twisties near me, so I'll be back! Also want to hit up River Rd in New Braunfels and stuff around Lake Travis soon!
  8. +1 for the Ultra Lows. I just got back from another go at the Three Sisters in TX. First time had the stock bars; Ultra Lows this time around. To me, the bike now feels slightly more planted in turns and above 80MPH (also increasing the rear preload to 5 felt better). 440mi on Saturday, and the muscles between my shoulder blades are a little tight but definitely bearable. I think the slightly wider bar of the Ultra Lows helps. I agree with everyone saying it's similar to the stock, just a slight bit of forward lean.

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