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  1. What about the crush washers, where can I get a big pack of the correct size?
  2. liami

    "Auto tune"

    My FZ is my daily and only mode of transportation. I can't wait a month for it to just sit around and even a week is a bit of a stretch
  3. liami

    "Auto tune"

    I mean just the bike's ECU itself. Heard I don't need a power commander or to plug it in. I don't have a power commander, I'm getting the ECU custom reflashed later with a dyno after I get the exhaust and air filter and filter cover on
  4. liami

    "Auto tune"

    Yea that's whatever I heard, it resets it so your bike learns it wuicker
  5. Heard something about letting the FZ "auto tune" itself before. I think the procedure was something like turning on the bike and letting it run, without any revving at all, until the fan kicked on or something like that. Anybody know about this or if that's the correct way for it? Just want my bike to get used to my new exhaust as best as it can before I get it actually dynotuned later after my new air filter
  6. Yea I drilled six 3/16" (basically 1/4") holes around the exit of my exhaust. I thought I made a huge difference at first. I just heard my bike on video today and realized...it made little to no difference at all. My headers also discolored. Some say that's normal for this bike, I'm not sure if it would've done it anyway or if it was due to running too lean because of the holes I drilled. I'd say drilling the holes is really not worth it at all. Just get a new exhaust because stock just simply won't do
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I can never seem to find precious posts when I search my question, sorry if this has already been asked before...but when I bought my bike last year, the salesman said very seriously to only use non-ethanol unless I'm in a bind, then to use the highest octane I can. I've only run ethanol free until very recently when I'm out far and don't know where to get any. I was recently told that the FZ's low compression ratio means it can take regular gas and be perfectly fine with no negative affects later on. Is there any truth to this statement; does it matter at all or should I always try for non-ethanol whenever I can?
  8. Neither do I, it's my last resort. I much prefer the bigger exhaust exit. That's why I posted and asked if anyone's had experience with the delkevic carbon
  9. Yea I'm between that one and the 9" stainless one. Either the 8" carbon with the gaping hole as an exit, or the 9" stainless with a smaller diameter pipe as an exit
  10. Could, but M4 plus stock exhaust is 405 (M4 price) plus the exhaust. The carbon delkevic is $10 more, the stainless is $80 less
  11. Hate the idea of cutting into the stock exhaust, afraid I'll mess up, and don't want to spend the extra for someone else to do it AND I like the pride of doing my own work, regardless of what it is. Plus I've always just liked full systems as opposed to slip ons. Also, if, after a while, I decide I don't like the one I bought, I can buy just an exhaust can (delkevic sells 13 different choices for the fz07) and put that one on for cheaper, basically can change looks when I want. All their choices use the same headers and straight pipe
  12. I mean worst case scenario I carbon fiber the can if the original carbon comes off, right?
  13. So I assume nobody whose seen this has a carbon delkevic?

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