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  1. I got 10k out of the rear P3, including a few trackdays. The front is still ok at 12k, the profile is a little off and I'll probably replace it in spring. P4's feel better but don't last as long.
  2. Question: if I use Hindle’s noise reducer will I need a reflash or am I close enough? The Hindle is really loud! I love it but it might just bee too much!
  3. Trackdays reliably gets better performance out of any motorcycle, ^^ and every motorcycle you ride afterwards.
  4. One of the first things I did was junk the rear shock and replace it with a Nitron. I also replaced the fork springs. Big difference and worth every dime.
  5. PTSD and tremors... Your body is the conduit for the art, so, you can let it all hang out and it can just make it all richer, even if folks don't fully "get it." I love folks saying "I wish I could paint like you" and I'm like "No, you don't, you really don't..." Hahaha!
  6. I just put a Hindle full stainless system on with 2WDW's ECU flash and the bike pulls monster strong and linear. I love it. The Hindle is raw and awesome, sounds like one of those ocean racing cigarette boats. Beemer started asking questions about the paint, which is all Sharpie. I'll have to redo it because I used the wrong clearcoat (rattlecan) and from later projects, getting a body shop to hit it with clear is the way to keep the colors from fading. Yeah, that's gold leaf. And I threw in a helmet (for my wife). Not bad for a guy with tremors, eh?! So, I have PTSD and tremors, and when I get anxious my hands are pretty hard to control. Perfect for motorcycling and painting right? Well, I gotta say, the 2WDW flash makes the throttle so smooth and controllable that it doesn't have all that jerkiness that the stock throttle does, so I don't get set off and lose control of my hands anymore. Also, the jerky stock throttle (made worse by my tremors, amplified really) was jacking the chassis all over the place. So, the 2WDW ECU flash is awesome and along with the shock and fork springs, the best money I ever spent.
  7. Beemer, this is 2WDW's thread and I'll put something up in another thread and tag you or pm you.
  8. I rode my FZ07 with your flash and a Hindle full system today and it was awesome! Perfect throttle response, so much smoother than the factory map, and it pulls ferociously! I love it! Thanks so much! This was worth every dime!!!
  9. So, I was installing some electrical stuff, and I took off the bodywork and thought I should Sharpie the bike. It used to be silver.
  10. I do track days and 300 to 600 mile Sunday rides. Renthal Ultra-lows are perfect. Any lower would be a killer for stop and go and touring/slow speeds.
  11. tag

    Wrist Pain in Clutch Hand

    Two things get my attention here: you are at the keyboard a lot, which causes repetitive motion problems, and the other is I don't know if you are putting weight on your hands when riding in stop and go traffic. While style dictates we mimic what's going on at the track, on the street we aren't trying to avoid a 150 mph wind blast. Leaning low into the wind is the way to go unless you are doing a lot of stop and go. Riding at the track will also train you to grip the tank with your thighs, and keep your weight off the bars. I think your hands/wrists are already stressed from repetitive computer tasks, and the motorcycle is aggravating it. Try gripping the tank with your thighs, use your stomach muscles to keep your weight off the bars. Just a guess, and it might be past the point of expecting it to get better without medical help.

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