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  1. gyntry

    Rode a KTM 1290 Super Duke R

    Amen to that. Buddy of mine has an Aprilla... I envy the used price he got it for... I do not envy the maintenance costs. Just plain gross.
  2. gyntry

    Rode a KTM 1290 Super Duke R

    Got the chance to hit up a demo day for KTM over in Minnesota on Monday. Holy. Spaghetti. That is an insane bike. Was forced to keep it in "Street" mode and the bike was very much still a beast. Incredibly smooth with the fuel mapping, makes for a night/day difference from the FZ, especially with engine braking (and I have the 2WDW remap to improve this feeling). The thing is just so incredibly smooth when riding in town. Once we hit the back roads and opened up, it quite plainly is pants sh!ttingly fast. I loved the HUD as well. Almost like a giant tablet. Any questions, I'd be happy to answer if I can!
  3. @67corvair - See my post two posts up. Great experience with Dairyland.
  4. gyntry

    If money was no issue

    If I could add a stable-mate it'd hands down one of the new Husky 701's. If I didn't do some longer range rides, I would have bought one of those instead of the FZ. Incredible machine.
  5. Really making friends in this thread, aren't ya?
  6. I had two claims while I had a Ninja 300 (both not my fault, but still had to deal with Dairyland - rear ended and hit while parked) and they were EXCELLENT and EASY to work with. (Also, since I haven't put my two cents in for the thread...) -- Dairyland Insurance -- FZ-07 and Wife's Rebel 250 (both full coverage) -- $500 Deductable -- $33/month
  7. @rhb - Does that windscreen do much or just look neat? Looks pretty low for any real function, but I really like the look! Your thoughts?

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