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  1. It's really depends on what you are looking to get out of the bike and what kind of riding you enjoy. If you are riding freeways or high speed roads, the 07 will be taxing. Not really fun for those type of roads. It really excels at tight windy and slower speed roads. Its light and nimble, with lots of torque that will get you out of corners quick. Like you mentioned, it does need suspension worked out of the box. Clip ons and rearsets are available if you want more aggressive riding position. The majority of the bikes handling can be worked out inexpensively. Now if you are comparing it to a s1000, they are in completely different leagues. You will never get the close to that kind of power. However you could never get the agility out of these other bikes either. I usually have itches to try different bikes. Ill buy one and get buyers remorse and end up selling it. I'm happy to say the 07 has stayed in the garage for quite a while and I have no plans on selling it. It also helps that I have a second bike that checks off my other needs.

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