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  1. Don't know in US but in Canada it makes no difference whatsoever ...
  2. bigdaddybane

    Icon Alliance GT helmet review

    Great choice. Any issues with fogging?
  3. bigdaddybane

    I moved

    Without any doubt this is a post of the month .... you're a champ!
  4. bigdaddybane

    FZ-07 Handling vs other bikes?

    There, fixed it for ya! Wow ... thanks for "auto" correction. Btw the question was about comparison between FZ07 and adventure bike, Africa Twin specifically .... nothing to do with the price/cost.
  5. bigdaddybane

    FZ-07 Handling vs other bikes?

    FZ07 is amazing bike but IMO can't be compared to "real" touring/adventure motorcycles.
  6. Mine are the same ... tried to tighten everything up but there's still a big up and down play. They work just fine and I got used to it
  7. bigdaddybane

    Anyone come from a VFR800?

    IMO VFR800 is a better bike for a long distance rides but it also does darn well in the city as a daily commuter. I owned 2006 model for about 4 years and I still don't know why I got rid off it??!! It's not as "hooligan" as 07 with a low end torque but for sure it's fast as hell.
  8. If you paid attention during the MSF course and btw any instructor out there will teach you this, the emergency braking consists of two separate things ... both FRONT and REAR brake needs to be applied along with emergency downshifting. Please show me one example where they'll teach you or advise you that resting your feet on rear footpegs is a cool idea.
  9. I thought for a second you're kidding but if you're not, I hope you know what you're doing. Putting your feet on the passenger pegs while riding is plain dangerous ... what are you planning to do if you gotta do emergency braking? Oh boy!
  10. bigdaddybane

    Most quiet /comfortable helmet

    Too many variables ... buy the quietest helmet but one/two sizes bigger and it will become the loudest. I agree with the previous post, Schubert lids tend to be very quiet, super comfortable as well. It really depends on the shape of your head, riding style and of course everyone has a different tolerance for noise levels. For the past 15 years I ride with Arai and found their helmets very very comfortable but noise and buffeting varies from model to model. I'm sure you'll get the same feedback from people wearing Shoei, Icon, Nolan, AGV etc.
  11. I agree with almost everything he said. First few weeks I rode with OEM exhaust and I was happy .... after Yoshi and EJK were installed I didn't want to get off my bike!
  12. bigdaddybane

    Helmet issue

    A long time ago, I had a same issue with one of my helmets ... basically it was 2 sizes bigger.
  13. bigdaddybane

    Newish member from Canada

  14. I'm selling my Drift Ghost-S. The camera is approximately a year and a half old and it comes with original packaging, accessories and one extra Drift (OEM) battery. Everything works 100%. If interested, send me a PM. upload images Asking $150 + shipping
  15. If I'm you, I would go straight to the closest Honda dealership and trade FZ07 for CB500F/CBR500R, 07 is definitely not a bike for you. Don't take me wrong, it seems you're truly one miserable/unhappy owner.

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