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  1. Man I miss it. I sold it 5 months ago and am living in Indonesia. Here, I was shocked by how many people ride motorcycles. 95% are 250cc and under. Of those, 90% are 150 cc or less and are scooters. They own the road. The most popular size is 125cc. Any 10-year-old kid can ride one like a pro. If you're driving a car in anything other than a straight line, you make slow changes and let the scooters judge things. They swarm around you like ants. By the time you make a lane change, several scooters will have gone around you from various directions. You just start moving to a lane and let them judge whether they want to risk sliding by. They're good at it. The other thing I noticed is anything made by man can be carried on a scooter. Yesterday I saw what appeared to be a 10-year-old boy driving a scooter with a 5-year-old standing in front on the floor board and a 3-year-old sandwiched between the driver and his 8-year-old sister sitting on the back. For many families, their scooter is their only source of personal transportation. There is no speed limit, but I never see anyone speed. I've only seen a couple minor accidents but thousands of close calls. One I did see was a teenager carrying what appeared to be a table saw on the back of the scooter and the whole thing kind of broke in half or the triple tree gave out. No serious injuries. There is nowhere in Jakarta to let an FZ07 do it's thing but I still miss it. In Central Java, the Island Jakarta is on, there are small mountains open to more aggressive riding.

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