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  1. Yea it's the angle. It's not wider then the stock mirrors or and taller then it when I'm riding and I'm 5'9. Really handy
  2. My Givi V40 case finally came in. Recently I've been doing more long distance riding and my soft tail bag and saddlebags just didn't cut it when it rained. So got me this for the waterproof and extra space. Also when I go on rides I can leave my.helmet inside ^-^.
  3. Hey guys. So I just installed my Givi racks yesterday. Took me 3 hours and yes I did have to drill rectangular holes in the fairings. You cant really tell they are there unless you really look at it. Anyways I'm still waiting for my plate and hard case to arrive on Tuesday. Just have one question. What aftermarket brake lights do you recommend so I can attach to my case. I hear the Givi ones aren't bright and not that great. I was looking at the Electropods ones but what do you guys recommend. Thank you.
  4. you know that's right lol, whenever you get the chance just do it, that's how i did it. planned it the day before and just went for my all day ride.
  5. only some spots were twisty, not as much as it might look in the map
  6. Thank you thank you. yes it is, its the Air Hawk seat. i found it for a great deal on craigslist and i use it everytime i go on long rides. i love it because it allows me to do long rides. keeps my bum cushy and unless im doing 3 hours of non stop straight riding, i dont feel any pain. Since i stopped every hour or 2 hours the pain was the bare minimum.
  7. lol i keep forgetting about the snow for you guys but can always enjoy the pictures right :p. no problem i did haave a blast, so much fun.
  8. That sounds like a nice way home too lol would have to do a whole weekend ride like that one day. It was fun. i think i only saw about 4 cars pass the whole time. it was pretty much empty
  9. This Sunday i had a blast. I went to San Diego but took a longer route then just a straight path there. I remember for a friends birthday we took that route but i couldn't remember it. luckily when i took pics on my phone from back then it had locations tagged in it. I found the route and went on the trip and boy did i have fun. Here are some pics and the route i took, I took a lot more but for now this should be good. In total the trip was 11 hours. Cant wait to go on this mini trip again.
  10. zerofz07

    My FZ07, love it so much :)

    no its comes in green already, its a Puig Windscreen
  11. with those 3 together it adds up to 161, more then what ima be pulling since i dont plan to add anymore accessories to my bike that pull more power. Have you noticed any power loss or is everything still runing smoothly with everything turned on?
  12. zerofz07

    My FZ07, love it so much :)

    lol the windscreen i got from Revzilla , Puig Raffele, and the seats i had custom made at a shop near my work so no link for that . i wish, if i had the little makeshift dog holder like i seen some Harley's have i would bring him riding with me .
  13. My FZ07 is the first bike i put so much money into and i just love it. Eventhough i plan to get an FJ09 sometime next year, I will keep my FZ07 until the day it breaks down
  14. Hi guys, I was interested in buying some heated gear for the cold weather that's coming here in Cali. Its not weather I cant handle but i would like it to be a more warm and comfortable ride. My question is what's the max excess wattage that i can use for the FZ07? Currently i have an LED headlight, 36 watts and Clear water Aux lights, 24 watts each, 48 total with both. The heated gear that ima get uses 46 watts so that would make a total of 130 watts total. Would the FZ be able to handle it? Thank you for your help.

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