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  1. Not anytime soon, but I do have one set left in Black, at prices pretty close to the group buy price Let me know if you are interested - Paul
  2. bellissimoto

    Rear spools on 2018 MT 07?

    Hey guys! Yes, I do check the forum regularly, but it's been pretty crazy lately, lol. I'm out of stock at the moment on the Gilles Chain Adfjusters...realistically it'll be about 4 weeks from time to order from when they get here. I'll PM with price @Carne Seca - Paul
  3. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    Of course! I definitely want to see the community benefit from this, and want the very few affected to experience what all the other happy folks are experiencing with Bitubo. You don't hear about it though cause they are too busy riding and enjoying, not posting on the internet - Paul
  4. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    I agree with you Matt, but as previously stated I have to follow what Bitubo wants us to do to remedy the issue. If and when the new springs are in and you don't feel it has solved the issue, we take it to the next level, and I put you in touch with Bitubo's R&D to communicate a remedied solution. - Paul
  5. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    In reference to the statements in bold above... Bitubo is listening to us. They want you to have a great experience. Bitubo changed their standard spring rate 1 step softer because of feedback from users. Poida received a set before this change was made, and we advocated a swap due to his particular circumstances... The JBH line of cartridges is NOT their highest end performance race cartridge. That goes to the ECH line, but they don't make them for the FZ-07 and most naked street bikes general, just pure Super Sports bikes mostly. Having said that, the JBH line was created to form a happy medium, and their valving was specifically created to work with a wide variety of spring rates to give a performance orientated feel and a great upgrade over OEM. But it IS sport performance orientated. It would be like buying a corvette and expecting it to be plush on pot hole ridden roads. Or like changing the suspension on a full size pick up for sport use and then wonder why the payload capacity rating is now lower. I just want to put this in perspective for everyone. You all know I'm enthusiast FIRST, and employee second. I make no commission, and I have no agenda. Many of you know me personally, and have followed my own FZ-07 build under my personal screen name pgeldz. I say this because I'm just as passionate as all of you in wanting to get what I paid for when buying parts for my own bike. So while the JBH line is probably the most versatile cartridges out there, and will work flawlessly for the majority of the people out there for their intended use, there will be some instances that are outside the normal parameters for Bitubo to accurately determine spring rates, etc. When this happens, I do my best to work with Bitubo and the customer to sort it out. Matt (pattonme) believes a spring change will not solve his issue, so it's possible he actually may have a defective set. If so, they are covered under warranty and we go from there. The first thing is to at least try the new springs per Bitubo, and if they don't solve the issue, we elevate it. This is the proper path. You guys are actually in luck to be honest because like I said earlier...for those of you with this particular issue, Matt is in the best possible position to work with Bitubo to help solve it. - Paul
  6. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    And this is why I say Matt is in the best position to help fix it. Bitubo makes RACE SUSPENSION. It's in their name, it's in their DNA. The Europeans have test riders that weigh as much as a 14 year old teenage girl, on smooth as glass roads and race tracks. The JBH line is very versatile, as it can deliver solid performance on both. To most people, European suspension in general will be stiffer than US based brands from what I've found, but it's usually preferred to stock because most people want a performance based system, not just something better than OEM for street use. This is all good feedback though, because Bitubo actually cares, and with Matt's expertise, can help sort it out. I implore you guys though, if you find your suspension is too stiff, or not happy with it in any way, please let me know right away so I can do something about it. It might come down that for people based in the US, going one step softer on springs may do the trick for the small percentage of folks who find it too stiff for normal street use. Could be something as simple as that. But I do appreciate everyone's feedback and even offer you this... If Matt finds some special sauce of a solution that helps everyone who actually has this issue (and the issues turn out that it's just not within HIS acceptable range, as he put it) you'll STILL have a total suspension solution that's less expensive than the competition, and tuned by someone of Matt's expertise personally set up for you. But lets just see if we can come to the same solution from the factory first, shall we? - Paul
  7. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    Yes Sir, and if I'm not mistaken, both your set and Matt's set are the ones outside the normalcy (for Bitubo), which is even more reason for Bitubo to work with Matt to alleviate any issues, since it seems outside these parameters their formula doesn't scale in a linear fashion (so it seems). As soon as we get more info, I'll pass it on, but so far, everyone else that has fell within their range has had very positive results. - Paul
  8. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    I do remember that shock, but it was a while back. There were some drops of oil in the packaging you discovered if I remember correctly. Wasn't sure if it was just upon assembly or if was actually leaking, and when it came to our attention we took care of it right away like you said. As far as the front end is concerned, I wouldn't be. You haven't had any problems with yours have you? If you have, or for that matter anyone else, please contact me immediately so we can take care of it. As far as the outcome is concerned, Bitubo wants to remedy the issue if there is one. Their initial fix was to answer Matt's technical questions (he's a tech savvy guy after all, and his whole business centers around "fixing" or improving other manufacturers' products), and Bitubo is also going to send him some new springs to try, as the impression that was left was that Matt's system was to harsh. And please don't misunderstand my comment in parenthesis, that is not a dig on Matt at all. Matt and I are friends, he's been to the shop, we broke bread together. Matt knows his stuff for sure, and offers a valuable service to improve components for individualized needs. Which is why Bitubo wants to work with him to solve what ever issues he's having. But please keep this in perspective. When you send components to a specialized tuner, the tuner will ALWAYS find improvements. For someone like Matt, he has the skills to improve products for individualized needs, but it doesn't always mean the base product as delivered isn't good, just means it can be improved upon in certain cases. It's not unlike other brands of suspension...pick one. Ohlins is well regarded at the top of the food chain in racing circles, but what people don't know is that the Ohlins products as delivered for a customer's bike is NOT the same Ohlins product that ends up in the hands of a racer who has a suspension tuner. The tuner will always do their tweaks to improve upon if they can, but the average customer that installed them as-is will be over-the-moon and never know the difference. In regards to Matt's cartridges, Bitubo is keen on working with him to fix whatever issues he's having. Bitubo has certain parameters they use to determine how they build and customize each kit for the individual. These parameters scale accordingly with different rider and spring rates. Once outside normalcy (for Bitubo), the scale is less linear, and this could be the cause of this particular issue. It's actually ironic that Matt is having an issue with his set, as he is in possibly the best position to work with Bitubo to help sort it all out if in fact the base product as delivered was defective or outside the normalcy (for Bitubo). - Paul
  9. bellissimoto

    Bitubo JBH dissected, ridden and rated

    Agreed, which is why we are looking into the situation...
  10. If we get enough people, sure, but PM me because I can give you a pretty good price as-is for being a forum member - Paul
  11. bellissimoto

    500 miles on my 2017 FZ-07

    Thank you Sir! Was a pleasure talking to you! - Paul
  12. bellissimoto

    500 miles on my 2017 FZ-07

    I'd be glad to help sort you out. Bitubo is a great choice as far as suspension, and as far as your fueling needs, RapidBike is another great option. I've went to great lengths in building up my personal FZ-07, so if you need anything just PM me - Paul
  13. https://www.bellissimoto.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=bitubo fz-07 However I'm glad you reached out, because Forum members get special pricing, and it's very good. You have a PM Sir. - Paul
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