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    Anyone come from a VFR800?

    Quick update. I was able to sell the FZ-07 for the price I wanted and was able to get the VFR for that same price. All in all a good experience and the VFR is amazing. FZ-07 is definitely lighter and launches a bit quicker, but that's pretty much it. VFR is a great machine, they weight is very well distributed and the exhaust note is awesome. I'll be selling off my extra FZ-07 parts later on, I gotta see what was left over. it think I have some extra mirrors, OEM blinkers and tail section left over, so if anyone is interested, be on the lookout for that.
  2. Pretty much the FZ-07 has more torque and CB650F has more top end. There's a Video on YouTube comparing the two bikes on a track in Brazil (language is in Portuguese though and the guys is pretty biased to Honda), and the Honda was a little faster than the FZ-07, but both were faster than the CB600F Hornet.
  3. hachirokutoy

    Anyone come from a VFR800?

    Thanks for the response guys. If my financing goes right, I might be able to keep both. But just want a good all rounder. FZ-07 and VFR seems to fit the bill very well. Interested in the VFR for a bit better 2 up riding, just a bit sporty and a bit faster and the VFR seems to have everything already prepared for that whereas I feel I would need to invest in the FZ-07 to be more suited for that. Only downsides I can find is the V4 valve maintenance and the weight. Still love the FZ-07 everyday I ride it though.
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently selling my FZ-07 to potentially buy a 2014 VFR800. I'm doing a bit of research though and now I'm in the fence if it will be worth it or not. Basically the FZ-07 is a great bike that does everything well, but I also like the new VFR800 and have fond memories of a previous one I owned. Basically if it's worth paying the extra to get the VFR800, which looks like it's just a little better (except for oil changes), or use that money to invest in my FZ-07. So something that will help me with my dilemma would be to know if anyone here owns both a VFR800 and FZ-07 or even better if they went from a VFR800 to an FZ-07? Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Same here. Rear fender looks good and does help with the rain.
  6. hachirokutoy

    What other bikes have you owned?

    Let me see if I can remember. I am a commuter. Ride bikes everyday rain or shine. I was able to start riding bikes as soon as I got married. Was able to afford one in 2008. Went up the later in getting newer and bigger bikes when possible, but there were some scenarios where we were in an economical bind and had to sell the bike and start over again. Hence I made it a hobby to buy, fix and sell them. So there's been a few where I owned them for about 1-3 months while I was fixing them and selling them, some I kept for a little more. Most practical and funnest bikes I've ever owned have been the small displacement bikes, until now. FZ-07 fits the bill in majority of my categories. Only reason to get a small displacement bike now would just be because they're cheap. Favorite small displacement = Ninja 300 Favorite 600cc - Tie between 2008 CBR600RR and Yamaha R6 (all years) Coolest bike I've owned = Tie between 2009 R6 and 2009 R1 Best all rounder bike to date (practicality, economic, power, handling, looks) = 2015 FZ-07 Bike I wish I could own = 2017 Ducati Supersport 1991 Ninja 500 1992 Ninja 500 2008 Ninja 250R 1996 Ninja ZX-6R 2002 Suzuki Katana 600 2010 Ninja 250R 2005 Yamaha R6 2002 GSXR600 2003 CBR600 F4i 2004 CBR600RR (Black on silver) 2008 CBR600RR (Silver on Silver) 2009 CBR600RR 2003 Yamaha R6 (Special Edition) 2011 Ninja 250 2003 CBR600RR (Custom Candy red color, previously owned by someone with a Lowrider) 2007 Ninja ZX6R 2013 Ninja 300 (Very impressed with this liitle bike when it came out) 2008 CBR600RR (Graffiti Edition) 2005 VFR800 (25th Ann. Edition) 2014 Ninja 300 2013 CBR500R (Black) 2009 Yamaha R6 (Anime colors, Pearl/Silver/Red) 2013 Ninja 300 2015 Yamaha R3 (Not bad, looks good, owned this with the 300 for a while) 2013 CBR500R (HRC Colors) 2009 Ninja ZX6R (Monster Edition) 2015 CBR500R 2009 Yamaha R1 (beast!!!) 2015 Yamaha FZ07 (looks like this one is a keeper)
  7. It all depends what you want to use the bike for. It's better if to have multiple bikes if you can afford it. However, If it's just one bike get the FZ. When I had to consolidate my garage, I ended up going for the FZ because it's the most practical. It fulfills all my needs. It's the best all rounder: torque, comfort, flickability, MPG and maintenance. MPG is up there with the small displacements, still is light which contributes to good handling, torque beats any inline 4 sports bike off the line on the street, and maintenance is super easy and low cost (valve adjustments at 25k I believe?). All those were factors I considered to keep a bike long-term. Now for opinions on the different bikes, I've had quite a few bikes in my years of riding from 250 to 1000's. As everyone would say each has their pros and cons. For small displacement bikes, I owned the Ninja 250, CBR250, Ninja 300 and R3 (and both generations of the CBR500). I loved the Ninja 300 the best. R3 is OK if you like the looks and don't want to do the valave adjustments that often. For the Street triple, I never owned one, but I did test one out and was considering buying one used for around the same price of a new FZ07. MPG and service were the only things that kinda turned me off. Rather deal with Jap bikes although I've heard very good things about Triumph's reliability. If I were to invest in a Euro bike though, it would be a BMW.
  8. hachirokutoy

    eBay rear spools color

    That's true. Never thought about that. Thanks for your insight. Will place the order now.
  9. Hi everyone, After having my rear stand scratch my swing arm, I've decided to invest on some rear spools. I checked out the Womet-Tech Rear spools that TST industries is offering, but was looking for something a little more affordable. So eBay has these for about $20 less and will serve the same purpose. Question is, which color should I get for my 07? I have the grey with blue rims, so undecided to keep it black or have a blue accent. Any opinions?

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