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  1. Hey thanks for all the words guys. Makes me feel a bit better haha. I am going to bring it to be checked by a guy in the next town over that everyone around town recommended. Funny thing is I have been practicing using rear brake for these kind of situations but apparently in the heat of it I panicked. Which is understandable, just have to practice more I suppose. After closer inspection by myself I think my handlebars are messed too. Oh and i apparently broke my 6th rib. Not happy as I only have so long to be on 2 wheels before the snow hits again. Oh well could have been worse. I will keep this updated once I bring the bike in to get looked at.
  2. Damn sucks how such a small mistake can do this much damage! Might as well bring it in and get it looked at by a professional. Rear set is definitely tweaked too
  3. So I wrecked yesterday. My fault. Maybe I should say I just dropped it going walking speed I was at a 4 way intersection stopped, I was turning left, light changes I wait, I see an opening I start pulling and of coarse see a car. Brake and front slides on some gravel and I go down. Looks like minimal damages just some scratches and what not. My peg feeler broke off but on the ride home if felt bent down. Then I notice the paint is cracking at the motor mount where I put on sliders. I was only going say 3 kph when I went down. I will get someone to look at it because safety but what do you all think, is it going to be written off if a motor mount is bent out of place? To my eye it looks ffine, the bolt got loose in the incident and it came out with no force, it is not bent in any way. But the paint chipping around there worries me... could be stress fractures if I'm not mistaken. Looking forward to some insight please.
  4. dustyyy6

    SC PROJECT exhaust

    I think I have settled on the sc exhaust and I'm curious who you had to flash your ecu? I cannot wait to get a pipe on and flash. Leaning more towards the ft flash so far for reasons unknown.
  5. dustyyy6

    Riding Game

    You are correct at least for my situation... Put her to bed last week. Guess it's time too just let whoever has a good suggestion for the next one!
  6. dustyyy6

    Riding Game

    Sure thing. How about next too an old school gas pump.
  7. dustyyy6

    Riding Game

    Does it count if I had taken the pic a little while ago? Athabasca river going to Jasper. If not discount this post. Haha. Next challenge is.... A rainbow in the background.
  8. 2015 fz07, 32 yrs old, clean record but new rider in Alberta, Canada. Class 6 for one year this month AMA wanted $1000 for the year full coverage with 500 deductable Got refered to Dalton timmis insurance group from my father. $420 a year 500 deductable and if I do write her off ( hopefully never ) they spring for a brand new whatever year it is fz. Oh and that's a million liability also.
  9. dustyyy6

    Riding Game

    How does this sound for a challenge? I'm new to this! Challenge: wildlife live or a statue
  10. dustyyy6

    Newish member from Canada

    Newish member here too. Got my fz 1 year ago and have been lurking ever since. Thanks too all the forum members for providing good information about our bikes. I never talk on these boards I always just read, But I want to join in on the fun on the riding game and I'm close to Jasper National Park. Also 32 yes old, new to street riding with little experience‚Äč and that was on Harleys. Picked up the 15 red fz and couldn't be happier.

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