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  1. FZ Trout

    I moved

    Yeah I was thinking about movingagain to more northern Idaho like post falls kind of area. Would love to do this trick again but now I have a vehicle that can tow my bike and haul everything else lol or maybe I'll ring up a flat tow setup and tow my CRV behind my bike? ?ha ha ?? jk jk that would be far too dangerous lol
  2. FZ Trout

    I moved

    I did this once but a pizza instead...and yes very sketchy not recommended Ha ha XD had to clutchless upshifts and downshifts makes taking sharp turns also very sketchy. I also almost flat towed a homies car home with my FZ-07 but decided it was a bad idea because it was wet out and the last thing I would need is to be in the middle of a turn and get a little tug to make me eat it Ha ha XD
  3. FZ Trout

    I moved

    You've got to be kidding me! What ever happened to their drop off points and their $40 or less a day truck rentals? I just can't imagine they or someone else didn't have a cheap solution for you. Never the less, good job and glad you came out of it alive. Ha ha thank you. And yeah IDK that's what I thought too I even tried enterprise and they told me essentially the same thing. Probably what I should have done is rent a tiny beater car with unlimited mileage move all of my stuff but my bike then go back down and ride my bike up with nothing but a backpack and fuel can. It probably would have cost the same ha ha XD I think I spent like $60 something dollars on gas and snacks too which was pretty cool because like a month ago I drove a car out to Cali for my sisters wedding and that ended up costing me like $260 just in gas and snacks/food and the distance to the wedding was shorter by like 6 hours
  4. FZ Trout

    Modify FZ-07 Stock Exhaust

    This is what mine sounds like last kind of a flyby with the same modification that I did
  5. FZ Trout

    I moved

    Lol yeah I tried to do a uhaul pickup but they wouldn't let me for a one way trip lol that's when I tried the smallest box truck and they wanted just under $2,000 so I was pretty much left with only one option lol
  6. FZ Trout

    I moved

    Lol yes I did ship a couple 18x24 boxes and they cost me like $70 a piece I really wanted to use a uhaul truck but they wanted like $2,000 for it so that was definitely a not happening Ha ha XD and some stuff was just too heavy and could be shipped or taken with me lol lime my 200lbs in tools and a suitcase that weighed like 60lbs lol
  7. FZ Trout

    I moved

    I honestly did not realize how bad I My neck and shoulders were until a few days later lol as soon as I got to my destination I took a hot shower and knocked the F out Ha ha ha XD next morning I felt right as rain but a couple days later is when it hit me. Ha ha I was all jacked up on 5 hour energy shots and venom energy drinks Ha ha XD bit the whole ride was pretty comfy the can acted pretty much like a back rest really ha ha XD
  8. FZ Trout

    I moved

    So a few months back I moved from southern California to Star Idaho. And this is how I moved Yes.... That's a 55 Gal trash can filled with 80% of everything I own lol it took a bit longer than anticipated due to some unplanned stops that put me behind but in all it took me roughly 18 hours to complete my journey. Should have been like 16 tops but again unplanned stops that took too long. And to my surprise nothing went wrong as far as any beak downs or flat tires. Just ran out of gas once because I missed a hidden Gas Station. I had a 2 gal reserve on me but it was buried in the trash can and took a while to get out. I didn't technically run out of gas I actually stopped because the fuel gauge had been blinking for 30 ish miles and no signs of a Gas Station near. I found it best to pull over and top off. At that point the sun was just about gone as well done took that opportunity to layer up some more. Turns out rain gear makes for very good insulation and wind breaker. I got to the next Gas Station which was only 6 miles more..... I was a bit pissed about that but it is what it is so I had to undo and redo everything again to fill my bike up the rest of the way and the 2 gal reserve and then stopping several times to make sure I was going the right direction lol. Would I don't again? Yes, yes I would lol just only with the 2 gal gas reserve and a small duffel bag and I'd do it in two trips instead of one shot like I did ha ha XD I had neck problems for like 2 months from it. Lot's of people taking pics and Vida too it was pretty funny I probably cruised at an average 80mph with lots of 100mph sprints. I managed to dart through a big storm sigh seeing next to no rain. Only one part going through Utah did I go through some heavy sprinkling for a couple miles. So what about any of you guys/ladies? Any of you have any crazy stories of moving or just plain traveling stories on two wheels?

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