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  1. Haha thank you! I actually have the Proton 500 signals that change with a magnet on the front of my bike. It wouldn't be as practical on my design becaise you would still have to open up your passenger pillon to get to the electronics. My board has a small pushbutton on it to change the modes and if this gets more interest I will design a small hole in the enclosure for a paper clip to fit in that will actuate the switch to change modes (instead of having to open up the box to press the switch). I should have this installed on my bike Friday so stay tuned for another video update. Further down the road I will probably modify the design to use amber and red LED's so that they can be red for running lights and amber for turn signals.
  2. Here's a link to a little video of the signals in action. This is just some benchtop testing but hopefully you get the picture.
  3. Wow, amazing! Are you planning on getting the short stroke crank and boring to 699cc?
  4. See if this link works http://fz07.org/post/100615
  5. You'd think an engineer could figure this out... Let's try from Tapatalk Let me know if that worked. I have boards and components on order. I should have three built up next week sometime
  6. Fast flashing is not bad, some people prefer it because they think cagers can notice them better but I can't stand it. My work computer won't let me on the TST website but it's www.tstindustries.com and put in your bike info and you'll see the relay.
  7. Just an FYI, you do need a relay or resistors. They are programmable for different flash patterns but they will quick flash without a relay or resistors. I opted for the TST relay
  8. huntb

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Yeah, I think this is my next purchase. The closeup pics they show on eBay look legit
  9. huntb

    Foot Pegs

    Well, I've already established with Amazon two years ago what bike I have, a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 and on the right side of my page there's a button that says garage. I click on it and it shows what bike I have and on the left side of the page it says this fits your 2015 Yamaha FZ-07. I don't know why it says that for you, it doesn't for me or else I wouldn't have put this up. Although now I noticed it is saying it doesn't ship to my location so never mind. That's weird... I don't typically trust what Amazon says fits my bike or not. There are a lot of slip on exhausts that Amazon tries to tell me fit my bike that I know don't. I always make sure to read the reviews and see what people say or what bikes they have first before I buy anything
  10. huntb

    Foot Pegs

    When I clicked the link right at the top of the page it says "This does not fit your 2016 Yamaha FZ-07" And down in the reviews, both of them say that they are for their R1... where does it say they fit an FZ-07?
  11. huntb

    Black Widow Exhaust

    Link? I can't find anything when I searched for FZ-07 Black Widow Exhaust
  12. There is no finish on the flushmounts for the FZ-07. They're clear acrylic
  13. Just an FYI, I got these installed today. I couldn't be happier with them. They look great and are blinding bright. You can change the flash pattern and even the running light brightness/fade in/out. A++
  14. Just wanted to put out a feeler to see if anyone would be interested in some custom electronics for their rear turn signals. I currently have a prototype board built and have written some code to make sequential turn signals in the rear (or strobe or whatever pattern you would like programmable via a switch on the PCB). You would need to do some modifications to populate the LED's but I can provide all of the information on how to do it and how to wire it up. I can get a couple videos of the prototype working to if anyone wants to see it in action. You would need to have turn signals like these or something similar. I can either provide these presoldered or for a discount I can provide the PCB and components separately. Let me know if anyone wants more information! -Ben
  15. Has anyone bought these? Kind of expensive but they look super bright Proton 500 EN187 on YouTube has a video of them on his Z125 and I really like them. Might pick up a set

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