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  1. Probably. But, many of the aftermarket LED indicators are very skinny or small to begin with. They literally can use whatever board it has to be in and place it on a reflective housing and it will still be around the size or even smaller than stock. Do you deny that? Or are you just the kind of guy who didn't want to think it through and wanted to go straight to the insults?
  2. People who put on flush mounts don't care about safety. Or they are ignorant. I want to find out how many people with flush mounts ride with hi viz yellow jackets. Probably very little to none. Look, I'm guilty of caring about style before safety- when I first bought my motorcycle. 2 years in, I actually removed a good deal of "mods" and reverted back a few things to stock in the name of safety (put pumpkins back on, got rid of the very dangerous Motodynamic taillight). I actually have a huge beef with LED signals in general. Why don't they use reflectors? It makes no sense. LEDs look bright as shet inside your garage but in sunlight you hardly can see them. I know half of the arguments about flush mount is they care more about the back signals than the front (for safety)- I get it, but having LED rear signals is pretty dangerous as well if you ask me. I want to start up a company that makes safety (visibility) focused LED signals that use reflector backings. Ok, I won't start that company up, but hopefully someone does.
  3. LED signals are usually bright in the garage, but the real way to check out how bright they are is park it outside in sunlight, walk 50+feet away and look at it. For some odd reason incandescents in reflectors are decent in sunlight but LEDs take a huge nosedive. My guess is the reflectors- for some mind-boggling reason they don't set LEDs in reflectors.
  4. For future reference, slide a credit card like plastic through the tabs on top to disengage them.
  5. yamahazaki

    Tips/Tricks Request

    ECU reflash or bust
  6. yamahazaki

    Pant Leg Problem

    This is exactly why I only ride in shorts!
  7. Wow, both you and jeff's carbon Akra blew up at 20k+ miles... I guess its fair to say those Akra carbons only last 20k miles.
  8. What is your weight? I'll start by saying believe it or not, the R3's suspension is slightly better than the FZ07. Have you actually had your wife on the R3 as a passenger? If so, the FZ07 will be tons easier to ride with her on the back, but if that is something will be doing, I'd definitely suggest a new $uspension (in your case, both front forks and back spring). The wind will be worse on the highway on the FZ. Even with a "sport" windscreen. If you want something similar or slightly better than the R3, unfortunately you have to get yourself one of those HUGE windscreens. Also, not for nothing, but if you live in an area with colder climate, you'll find your hands get colder quicker on the FZ- the R3's aerodynamics seems to direct wind away from your hands so it stays warmer. If your right-hand is smooth, overall you'll find the FZ easier to ride mainly due to low speed handling. Once you feel good low speed handling (something the R3 does not have because of the clipons), you'll begin to think the FZ is just easier to ride in general, but once again that is if your right hand is smooth. Unfortunately the R3 WILL NOT let you know if your right hand is smooth or not, you'll find that out when you are thrown into the fire by getting an FZ. And final thoughts, grass is greener, I actually find the R3 more fun than the FZ07.
  9. yamahazaki

    Buying your stuff

    Honestly, I don't mind living in a world where I have to pay more for things. Imagine how much better the congestion in LA would be if gas was 10 dollars a gallon. I would happily pay 10 dollars a gallon for gas if it meant less cars on the road. But I'm in the minority. Everyone else is happy to buy their 40 inch flat panel TV for 200 bucks. Its really a great time to live in America if you are poor. You have Walmart and 99 cent fast food and certain political parties encouraging your lifestyle by demanding free stuff for the poor. Unfortunately everyone else is suffering for it.
  10. yamahazaki

    Buying your stuff

    So you have no cellphones and tvs? Well, maybe some Sony tvs are still made in Japan.
  11. This is great, why did Yamaha dick around with us for 5 or so years? Hey, is that an mt07? Yes, its fz07.. er, I mean, yes mt07. Fz07? What's that? It was called fz07, even though it is an mt07 then they renamed it mt07 but you can see under the seat it says fz07, but yes its an mt07. Good going yamaha.
  12. its already up at the yamaha us website https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/hyper-naked/models/2018/mt-07 All new plastics, seats and everything, but it seem subtle in its changes. I guess the 4 eye headlight was a red herring or limited only to the T7. Not a fan of the first gen FZ09 inspired headlights. Step backwards to me. Edit: Yup... sure enough, they are all called MT now... what's going to happen with the forum names now?
  13. Its usually stopping on a downhill that is the hard one, not stopping uphill (as far as footing goes). The only obstacle stopping uphill is going forward again. You need to find a uphill and downhill that has low traffic and practice your footing in those situations as well as learning to moving forward again after stopping uphill (keep your right feet on the brakes, give it more throttle than usual and ease off the clutch until you feel the bike move even with your foot on the brake, then slowly release the foot brake. Also if at all possible, look for cambered roads. You'll want to switch which foot you put down depending on what angle the camber tilts down. The good and bad thing with cambers is, wrong foot down and it will be a *****, correct side foot down and the ground will be much higher in your favor. ps., do you know your inseam measurement?
  14. yamahazaki

    I hate them with a vengeance

    I don't like them only for the fact that I can't use a helmet lock or holder that needs a D ring to work.
  15. yamahazaki

    Snowing in Snoho

    It snowed yesterday for me, but living near puget sound = warm (100% talking out of my ass), hence it melted. I'm moving to Maple Valley next year so things might be different then.

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