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  1. The new Macna Hoodini, I wear it without the hood attached. Macna Hoodini homepage
  2. roawser

    A bit overwhelmed. Some advice?

    Me too, I don't ride like they often do in the Youtube vids. Maybe it's because I'm middle-aged and European, but if you just learn to control your impulses and not go beyond your comfort level, the bike will behave as expected and not cheat on you. Also, don't ride in groups. There is a tendency of trying to follow the lead riders, who are always more experienced. If you can find a group where lead riders are happy to lead from the rear, you're good.
  3. I think I used these or ones very similar to these: http://www.tomacarparts.nl/werkplaats/bekleding-clip/mercedes/dennenboom-clipoem-a0009912895-5-stuks.html You can find them in any decently equipped car parts store. They sent me a bunch more than I ordered and I will probably never use them. For shipping costs, I will send you 4.
  4. I installed it last summer, was shipped to Europe in just a couple of days. Looks nice to me, and no unexpected disadvantages whatsoever, so I can recommend.

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