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    It's actually a diy airbox but really similar to the hordpower. You should have stopped over and said hi! My friends and I had a blast. I've done thousands of laps at Grattan in the racecar, but doing it on a bike was the most fun I've ever had. Looking for a 600 track bike now. I'm hooked.
  2. Burnout Motor is a company out of Italy that has almost unbelievable pricing. I think it's due to the current exchange rate and Americans not having to pay vat. A friend ordered his suit from there and was happy with everything. I'm buying my track suit, gloves and boots from them. Shipping takes a few weeks but it's worth the savings. https://www.burnoutmotor.com/en/
  3. cornelje


    I don't know about Gingerman on the DB killer this will be my first time there this year Gratton as far as I know dose not. I have a friend that just got a new Suit and has one that is old as hell but it works I'll get a size and price from him. I picked up a SS for about 500 bucks thats about as cheep as they come alpine star your looking at about a grand. What size are you? and whats your budget? I'm a fat bastard with short legs (5'9” 215lbs) so I'll probably have to have something tailored. I'll buy new, figured about $2k with boots and gloves. Seem about right?
  4. cornelje


    Grattan is just so much fun. The only track I've been to that comes close is mid Ohio. Really looking forward to seeing it from a different perspective. Turn 3 is gonna be interesting... I definitely plan to start slow and learn the 2 wheel lines before adding speed. Hoping some of my car experience transfers over. Any recommendations for local-ish places to buy a track suit? Talked to Ozzy at fox today and he said they were getting some stuff in soon but their prices are generally high. One more question, do most people run DB killers? I know Grattan doesn't usually care about noise, but gingerman sometimes does. I've got an akra ti and it's obnoxious.
  5. cornelje


    Also if anyone is interested Fox Powersports just opened registration for their customer trackdays at Grattan and gingerman. I signed up for both. I've driven thousands of laps at both tracks in cars, but never on a bike. Extremely excited, I'll probably have a dedicated track bike soon lol http://foxpowerblog.com/shop
  6. cornelje


    Just watched the video on youtube. Why does it say it's filmed in Guadalajara Mexico ? lol Haha that's a throwback to the days when writing that was enough to shield you from the police when filming yourself breaking traffic laws.
  7. Non HD fans don't get it, and that's fine. I really enjoy my Sportster. There's a feeling you get on them that's not measurable by any metric. Yes it leaks oil, yes it's slow and has funky handling, but it makes cool noises and it's a great way to spend an afternoon cruising the countryside with my wife on the back.
  8. Looks fun! Obviously HD can't beat Yamaha in performance, just like Yamaha can't beat HD with the x factor. Nice to see them finally making a bike for the modern rider.
  9. cornelje


    Put a few hundred miles on the bike this past week around Yankee Springs and NE of grand rapids. Roads were reasonably clean and it feels great to ride in February. Passed a few fz's, any of you been riding in the West Michigan area?
  10. cornelje

    Kawasaki Z650 - upcoming competition

    My friend picked one up a few weeks ago and I finally got to take it for a ride this weekend. It's a better bike than the fz07. Better quality, better design, more refined. Feels quite a bit tamer than the fz07. I really like the traditional power curve, very linear and smooth. Suspension is nice. The seat is miles ahead of the Yamaha as well. Feels lighter and more nimble despite being a bit heavier. It's a great bike and a better value than the fz07. That being said the fz07 is more raw, more hooligan friendly and more fun. You couldn't go wrong with either bike. If it's a weekend warrior I'd take the fz07, for a daily commuter I'd take the z650.

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