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  1. Either that or purchased BEFORE the bike.
  2. timjh

    Two Brothers installed

    Mine came with a medium attenuator. You can buy one (I did) that quiets things even more.
  3. If I had a garage like this, it wouldn't stay like this.
  4. Might also see some burn in the old oil....
  5. I didn't do it, wasn't told to do it.
  6. Still unclear to me what happened, even in slow motion. Tramlining on the edge of the pothole? How do you save that? More throttle , steer out of if and lean right? Help a newbie here.
  7. Nels hasn't had a 2Brothers on his dyno so had to make a generic guess for mine. The result was more than fine.
  8. That's not as far off as mine was. The ratchet strap tweak got things lined up, then some extra compression took away the tendency to spring back. I'll confess I worried something was going to give on the header but it turned out fine.
  9. Added fuel stabilizer to a full tank. Down for the summer now that triple digit temps are the norm around here.
  10. timjh

    Arizona FZ-07 Riders

    Fresh asphalt all the way up to Tortilla Flat! They still haven't striped, so there are occasional stops for workers, but the road is sweet.
  11. timjh

    Arizona FZ-07 Riders

    Lovely twisty ride up to the top of South Mountain, the largest city park in America. I got the 2WDW (ok, you have to send the ECU to Washington but that's no big deal) flash and love it.
  12. timjh

    Arizona FZ-07 Riders

    Welcome! East Valley here. Can always meet you at the top of South Mountain..

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