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  1. Oxford mini from revzilla. Pretty cheap at only $20/pair, but are really bright! Install was easy but you need to get the adapter plate that fill the holes left from the factory lights. Amazon sells them for $10.
  2. Finally got rid of those horrible looking signals! images https
  3. tony04

    I had an R3 for two weeks...

    Where abouts in Oregon are you. I live up in the Portland area and love seeing other fz-07's cruising around!
  4. tony04

    That sound!!

    Forgot to mention that I have the m4 with baffle installed. Concern just comes from the noise getting louder ? I will try changing the oil and see what's happens. Thx!
  5. So like many others have said, I have the engine ticking. I can't remember where abouts online I read one person talking about the different characteristics of his noises, but it seems to be getting worse/louder and I can't seem to find where I read their post. Basically I've started riding more frequently with the weather getting better. I know the sound is not coming from the drive chain, at idle when first starting up I can not hear it. After getting to temp the sounds become more apparent, while riding if I shift my left knee out away from the tank it becomes very loud. I've also noticed that it's tempo relates to the rpm level and if I clutch in the noise quiets down greatly. I've read endlessly online about how these bikes are just noisy in general but at what point should I become more concerned with the level of ticking increasing in volume. The bike has 2100 miles. I'm getting discouraged at this point because I can't really find any answers and am not mechanically inclined enough to know if the sound is bad enough to warrant a trip to the dealer. Obviously this topic has been discussed many many times but after every time I read online I feel as if I am still completely unsure because there's a handful of "it could be this, or could be that" forum posts. Is my best bet to just pony up the money to have the dealership look it over. Any ways thanks for any suggestions!!

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