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  1. phyciocc

    Exhaust options

    For what is worth: I have a Mivv Oval carbon with the baffle in and a EJK. Bought the exhaust direct from Italy and saved a few bucs. Saved a ton of weight, too. My dyno-butt- meter tells me that the bike pulls like tractor in ANY gear, and there are no “holes” anywhere, better than stock. And it does sound like a motorcycle, not a sewing machine... Not overly loud, but if you get on it, you can hear her. The baffle is removable, if you really want loud. Marco
  2. phyciocc

    No More FZ's?

    Or, in the Homer Simpson's way: mmmmmmmm.....torque
  3. Bought the Fz07 at 58, now am 61. It is my 4th bike inthe U. S. I had three in Italy 40 years ago. Marco
  4. Thank you guys! As a punishment for yesterday, has been reining all day Now I want to go riding again and I can't Marco
  5. Hello everyone: About 6 months ago, my blood pressure became too high to ignore. On May 15 I started taking medication. Soon after I started feeling woozy for hours at the time. Getting on a bike was out of the question. But slowly, oh ever so slowly, things got better. My pressure is well controlled, I feel better, lost a little weight and I am not woozy anymore. So today, after a 5 month hiatus, I got back on my red beast. At first it felt as if I had never ridden a bike before but slowly (and 60 miles later) things came back. It was a nice two hour ride in the Kentucky countryside. Being Sunday afternoon, though, Sunday drivers were out in force. I saw an overturned minivan on a 1 lane road (looked like he put wheels in the ditch and flipped). All of Garrard country finest (probably all 8 of them , including firefighters and EMS personnel) were there. Once back in town, saw another crash (in this one a car rear-ended another that was making a right turn). The hit must have been fairly hard, as stretchers were out. This one looked serious, actually. Hope everyone was fine. But I survived the encounters, and felt no wooziness. I am back! Marco
  6. phyciocc

    Coffee is good!

    Well, I am originally from Naples, Italy. One can say that there is a little blood in my espresso. THIS is my coffee maker
  7. I am old (ish .) And my insurance is with State Farm. I have 3 cars and the house with them. I have a spotless driving record and live in the boonies. My rate for the Fz-07 with $500 deductible is $125 for 6 months...Age, location, driving record and number of policies all make a difference.
  8. phyciocc

    Parking Lot Cager Tip

    I don't get people that back into parking spot. What is exactly that are they trying to achieve? Time saving? Think about it: a parking spot is fairly small compared to a parking lot lane. Backing into it requires more care, and time, that backing out of it...
  9. phyciocc

    Need moral support...

    I think my meds are working. It is a combination of diuretic (water pill) and ACE inhibitor. At the beginning I had a the standard side effect for this combination (dry persistent cough). My only suspicion is that is working too well, i.e. I need a lower dose. I went from 160-95 to 117-73 very quickly... I am lowering my dose the old fashion way (take the medication less frequently than prescribe. Shh. don't tell ) but I'll ask the doc to change my prescription to a lower dosage. The nice thing, though, is that I DO feel better. I am sleeping more regularly, and that has made a huge difference. If I can get rid of the slight dizziness (not there all the times and I think is getting less frequent) I'll be good to ride. Thanks! Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  10. phyciocc

    Need moral support...

    Hello everyone: thanks for all the replies. Exercise and better eating are on tap. I am hoping that I just need to get accustomed to the new blood pressure levels. I do have a manual cuff that I use at home, and before medication it was definitely high (high of 155 or so). That was prompted me to see the doctor. Two days ago, the same machine I use every time I go grocery shopping (and that agrees with may manual cuff) told me that my blood pressure was 118-77. I had not had such low blood pressure since my teen years and I was a swimmer... I hope that once I get used to new levels my lightheadedness will go away. My next visit is in three weeks, and we'll see how it goes then. Thanks! Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  11. I will be 61 in two months and so It had to happen...Last June Doc told me that my blood pressure was too high and needed to be controlled. Been taking my pill once a day and the blood pressure went down BUT, I feel a bit woozy all the time. It feels life when you stand up suddenly and things "swim up" a second or two. This does not interfere much with everyday activities, including driving the cage, but at the moment I am not quite sure I should ride. For those of you "so lucky" to be on blood pressure medications, does it get better? I do feel better overall, so I am not going to quit the pills, but I hope things will stabilize and get to ride again. Anyone experience this? Thanks!! Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  12. I am from Naples, Italy. Not quite at this level, but being surrounded by a swarm of scooters, Vespas and the occasional big bike? Yep, being there, done that. More cars though. And most wear helmets... Actually, that is the "normal" the world over. Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  13. phyciocc

    Jerky shifting

    Smooth shifting is a dance with three "feet" (well, two hands and a foot ). Pull the clutch, roll off the throttle just enough to match the rev to the new (higher) gear, shift, release the clutch. Downshifting: the same, but this time don't roll off the throttle but "blip it", to increase the rev for the lower gear. Practice practice practice... Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  14. Hello: I grew up in Italy and as such I never developed the "Harley" mystique. In my third year of University, this was THE bike I wanted... 6 cylinders. No wonder I always found Harleys...boring Only two...and so heavy. Now, if Italian bikes were not so expensive and, let's face it, having just this side of Harley's reliability, I would own one. By I got kids in college. So Yamaha fz-07 it is. 90% of a Ducati at 65% of the cost and 150% more reliable! Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware
  15. phyciocc

    So I got a fkn ticket

    That's all? I hit at least 90 on mine:) Tickets? Got them in my car (two in the early 2000's, for speeding in a 55 zone). None on the bike. One time, though, I got pulled over for doing 69 in a 55 (4 lanes highway but in the middle of nowhere) The cop told me that they don't bother anybody untill 65, but to cool it. I think I got away because of my physique...Papa smurf physique that is, but without blue skin. Marco I am a crazy Physics Prof. Beware

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