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  1. Goob

    OEM Belly Pan

    Will this fit with an Akra carbon fiber?
  2. Well, the day I've kinda been dreading has arrived. I've wanted one of these ever since they dropped in Europe and now my FZ is outdated and not new anymore. Seriously though, I love this bike. http://www.cycleworld.com/yamaha-xsr700-is-finally-coming-to-us-for-2018
  3. Just bought the TST Industries Integrated LED tail light and a pair of CRG RC2 levers. Pretty excited about these purchases. Been wanting some new levers for awhile now. Hoping they make a big difference. My rear, left LighTech blinker burned out and the model I have are discontinued. My front two match the rear so I figured I would buy the TST tail light and keep the front two since I would have to buy 4 all new turn signals in order for them to match. This way I can just eliminate the need for the rear 2 all together and just keep my front 2 LighTech's. Maybe I'll get some TST flush mounts in the future.
  4. Speaking of blinkers, I'm looking to buy some for the front and rear. Where on this forum is this topic discussed? I need some help deciding.
  5. My pick would be Japan. Then Norway and the Swiss Alps.
  6. That's pretty cool. Anyone know the story with that pic? Is it his?
  7. So I've got approximately 3500 miles on my FZ. I'm gonna attempt doing the oil change myself. I think I'm gonna go with the Castrol ActEvo 10-40. Is that a good choice for the amount of mileage I have? Also, what else does the dealership do in terms of service along with the oil change? I really want to be able to do everything myself but I'm not sure what else they check.
  8. What do you like about it over the Motul? I use Motorex but am open to trying something new.
  9. How will I know if my beam is adjusted correctly on my new Cyclops? Is there a certain way of checking to see if the beam is at the right height, etc?
  10. If you haven't done it, the ride up and over Newfound Gap is a good one.
  11. Regarding the Cyclops, is the adjusting of the beam the same as the stock bulb. As in, do you just turn the screws on the outside of the headlight?
  12. Finally broke down and bought a Cyclops 7000 unit. Now I can ride at night with less fear of dying. Looking forward to see the difference! Also, I want some cheap shorty brake and clutch levers. I hear you guys mention some from eBay and amazon. But which ones exactly have y'all had luck with?
  13. Where are you in Tn? I'm in Cleveland. I have tons of great mountain roads right in my backyard.
  14. Anybody have any experience powder coating these parts? I think that's what I'm gonna do.

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