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    XSR 700 at AimExpo

    Hi guys, dropped by AimExpo this past Saturday saw some cool stuff including the XSR 700. I also got the chance to demo the Yamaha R6, the BMW S1000R and the Kawasaki Z900. Here's some pics of the XSR at the Yamaha booth. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks for the well wishes and advice guys. The new tire was definitely slick, there was a visible film of oil on it. Just damn, it was the slightest lean over. I was wearing nearly full gear (jacket, helmet, gloves, boots), didn't own riding pants, was just wearing denim jeans. The first new piece of gear I picked out were Klim K Fifty 1 jeans. Ah well, parts ordered, gear ordered, most importantly I'm okay, shit happens.
  3. I picked up the bike today after getting the rear rim and tire replaced and as I'm getting on the freeway entrance ramp, I give it a bit of throttle and the rear tire slides right out from under me. I slid about 15-20 feet with the bike in front of me until the bike came to a rest on the grass next to the ramp. I'm fine, my gear took the brunt of the slide, some road rash on my knee but otherwise I'm okay. The bike I'm not so sure about, the frame/bar end sliders took the brunt of the impact. My shift lever is bent in and I'll need to replace it. The thing I'm most concerned about is this stuff: Its some thick black sludge next to the shift lever, below the engine case. Is this engine oil? How can I be sure? Also, I've got rhinomoto bar ends and R&G frame sliders, is there some place I can buy just replacement pucks?

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