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  1. It's the connector that goes into the OEM bulb. The hid bulb plugs into the ballast instead,so you plug the oem connector into the relay harness .
  2. scoobyfan

    Weird rear tire wear

    The bike goes straight if I let the handlebars, forgot to mention it earlier. It doesn't pull at all one way or another. I did most of my riding 2up this year with the new shock,maybe I should try to play a little with the shock's adjustment. I set it to be comfortable for my girlfriend, it was hard on her back at first so I soften it a little but maybe it's too soft for 2 people ? Or she just sit on one side of the bike lol
  3. Hi, I just realised today that my rear tire is scuffing on the left side only. Bike has 5k km. I did adjust the chain twice on this bike. I mesured the length of the adjuster bolts (from the end of the bolt to the swing arm) and I got a 0.25mm difference overall so I don't think the wheel alignment is off. I'll need to check with the string method to be sure. Also I installed the traxxion dynamics front springs and emulators and a rear ohlins shock. I tried to take a photo but it's not easy to clearly show the problem. You see the thread is not equal,the other side is good (2nd picture is the right side) Thanks
  4. scoobyfan


    Well you must be lightweight because I never came close to get to that speed stock! I couldn't get past 190kmh last year (I weight about 200lbs, stock bike) on a flat road. This year with a yoshi exhaust and a pcfc I can get to 200kmh on the same road but that's about it...but it is easier to reach that speed though. Anyway it's not even fun to ride at that speed with this bike...it was just to test it out. At least I know I paid for something with my mods haha ? it definitely makes a difference.
  5. If by "rattle" you mean the crackle/popping from the exhaust, that's due to it running slightly lean. If you fix the fueling, it should go away, and the minor drop in power up top will as well. If you mean it actually sounds like metal on metal rattling, you may have something loose. It definitely comes from the baffle because without it the sound isn't there. It fits very tight and bolted properly so I don't think it's the issue. I said rattle but maybe it's only caused by the restriction of the baffle, the flow isn't the same. I'll see after I installed my PCFC
  6. Just bought the same exhaust,only tried it in the garage and without the baffle it's fucking loud haha. Maybe it's good on the road but it was too loud for my taste so I've put the baffle in and the sound is awesome. A little "rattle" at some point when the rpm drops with the baffle but again, didn't tried it on the road so maybe it won't be an issue when riding!
  7. scoobyfan

    Akra or M4?

    That would be awesome! I thought I heard that I would need a EJK if I take the db killer out. You are right, you will need one of you take the db killer out.
  8. With the ejk you only modify the fuelling while the PCV also modify the ignition timing. You can get the power Commander fuel controller if you want something similar to the ejk. For the rest you are right the tune is a dyno tuned map that replace the stock one,you have to send it back and forth every time you want something changed. For me from a price point and the availability of the parts I choose the pcfc since it was half the price of the ejk/PCV/tune and I received it 2 days after my order. Since I'm only planning running my yoshi r77 exhaust I think it will be enough.
  9. scoobyfan

    Jerky throttle?

    Just never close the throttle completely. I realised that it was a problem for me when we're 2 on the bike. If I close the throttle all the way and try to accelerate after, it always feels weird. In think the transition between the engine braking and the acceleration is not smooth enough. But an ecu reflash should remove these symptoms i guess
  10. I've been thinking about doing this last year,finally I just bought a H4 led light similar to the cyclop one. Didn't wanted to mess with the headlight. Light output is better than the stock halogen bulb,but the light pattern isn't that great (for me). It has a lot of dark spots,it feels a bit weird. Now I think I'll be going the projector/hid route...should have done it in the first place!
  11. scoobyfan

    Spark Plugs

    Replacing the plugs won't make the bike run any different ,unless you had a problem with them that caused a missfire for example.

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