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  1. I haven't purchased it yet LOL. But thanks for letting me know what's up. I was so pissed when I broke the cheap ass one, cus I knew it wasn't suppose to do that!
  2. SO I've heard... I just can see myself using a dremel for other purposes.
  3. Haha, I am only one person. I've asked for other things before... the masses must speak.
  4. Thanks for all the replies!
  5. Welllll now you know! They released them awhile back, but it wasn't near when they released the initial exhaust. Not sure when they added the turn signals, but I already had that sorted, so probably glanced over those.
  6. Sooooo, I try to save money by doing some things myself. Bought a chain breaker and riveting tool set from Cycle Gear. MISTAKE. Used it once, had no problems... but tried to use it this weekend and broke 2 pins!! Of course, after researching, I find that this is a common thing. Booo. So now I'm on the search for a good quality tool to replace it with so this doesn't happen again. Anyone have experience or thoughts on which one I should get next? I keep seeing the Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool getting recommended. I also plan to buy a Dremel kit so I just shave down the pin heads. Anyone have a rec for that too? THANKSSSSSssss
  7. I am so sorry that this happened to you, especially at home. We're here for you! Vent away, keep us posted.
  8. Since I gave Yosh my bike years ago to make the exhaust, I still have credits with them... so I guess I have to use them. Waited til I had to do an oil change to place the Yoshimura engine guards on. Apparently, when you remove the bolts, it's possible that it'll leak. So I drained the oil first and then installed these. It made for a super easy, and dry install. Just have to double check all the bolts, cus there are like 5 different sizes. Oh and got the oil plug filler cap changed out too. Cus I heard it adds 5+ HP. I think my bike has all the Yosh pieces available (except for the turn signals) for the FZ now.
  9. motomeek

    Cant decide on a tail light.

    Haha, same. +1. Super easy plug and play for anyone else that wants the flashing options but don't have the TST.
  10. motomeek

    Riding Game

    I don't have a tutu anymore either
  11. TY! Do eeett. Would love to see what you end up with!
  12. motomeek

    Long-time Lurker

  13. motomeek

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  14. Sorry to hear, glad things are better. I actually went ahead and purchases them. My birthday is almost here, so I decided to treat myself. Thank you for the offer tho! I really didn't want to hassle you about it.

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