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  1. iluvspdtt

    100 Octane

    Thanks for all the great info guys. I wasn't expecting huge gains or anything but being in California it sure doesn't hurt running fuel without ethanol in it every once in awhile. I know the zx7r that I'm building will be in a strict diet of race gas but that is for a couple reasons, the engine will be tuned and built for it and the bike will spend a decent amount of time in the museum at work and ethanol does too much damage to the fuel system when it sits.
  2. iluvspdtt

    100 Octane

    Does anyone happen to have a tune for 100 octane gas? A gas station in my area that I normally get my fuel from has recently started selling Sunoco 100 octane fuel and I would like to run it but I know that without tuning the bike for it I won't see any real performance gain. If anyone has a tune for this or any advice on where to find one please let me know.
  3. Holy crap! You work at a Harley dealer and you dare ride a rice burner? Do your HD belt buckle and wallet chain scraatch your tank? Sorry, just kidding. All bikes matter. But I would be interested to hear how you like it. Maybe when the price drops more, I'll look into it more. I own 4 Japanese motorcycles and one Harley, my fiance also owns 2 Japanese bikes. What's worse is yesterday I rode my Harley to work wearing a Honda sweatshirt. Lol. We also sell Honda and Kawasaki so it's all good.
  4. iluvspdtt

    Fatbar conversion

    I know this is about handlebar conversion, which I am interested in, but I really want to know where that relocation bracket cane from on the lsl bars.
  5. Just be careful. I accidentally pulled a wire part way out that controls the #1 coil so my bike didn't want to run and I couldn't figure out why.
  6. This is what I put on my bike, no complaints what so ever.
  7. The streets don't sound like a Harley, mostly because they aren't one. Lol. And the sound profile you're looking for is POTATO POTATO POTATO. Lol
  8. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    We got it in this morning. In person it is hideous and feels very cheaply made. Not like a typical Harley. Normally you know why a Harley weighs so much, on that I can't figure out where all the weight is coming from.
  9. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    Well as of this year Harley will no longer own the Buell name so maybe he will come back and put his last name on the bike instead of EBR. That may help him. I agree that the man is a genius of an engineer and I would love to own one of his creations but I just can't afford to spend that on a one trick pony.
  10. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    I wish was around when this happened ... I look at it this way, Harely is jealous and if Harely is jealous of this little FZ-07 aura , it tells me the other brands are just as jealous and that speaks volumes to me Yamahas tuning forks hit the right notes... Even with the FJ-09 I cant recall the number of times the FJ-09 was thrown into odd match of bikes for reviews for shyts and giggles only to take the top spot ? Yamaha clearly knows what they are doing, look at how the FZ-10 has been stacking up against the Europeans. They know their market though, that's the key. Harley is trying to step outside their market and it's not going to end well. They need to stick with what they do best. And for the record, I'm not a big Harley fan. I bash them at work all the time, we are also a Honda and Kawasaki dealer so that helps ease my pain. But what makes Harley so bad isn't just the company but their customers. Having said all that, yes I do own one and I do enjoy it. There is something about them that makes me feeling something inside. My FZ-07 does as well but it's a different something. Very hard to explain. I can't say I would own my Harley if it wasn't an FXR. It's very clear that Erik Buell was involved in the frame design.
  11. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    And let's not forget that Streets aren't really Harleys, they are made in India, designed for the Indian market originally, it's liquid cooled and nearly every bolt on it is metric.
  12. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    I've got a 1993 FXR that had a Spits & Sputters but swapped it for a Mikuni. That with a pro pipe and it pulls hard. It'll lift the front wheel in second with an otherwise stock engine. The bike is solid built and a blast to ride. But trying to compare anything Harley makes with an FZ-07 is apples and oranges.
  13. iluvspdtt

    Harley-Davidson Street Rod

    So I work at a Harley-Davidson dealer as a service writer and I found out today from our factory rep that we will be getting one of the new Street Rods. He then went on to tell me that Harley is going after the FZ-07 crowd with the new bike, not knowing that I own one. Later in the conversation he found out that I own one and said that he wants me to take it for a ride when it gets here so I can give comparison feedback on the Street Rod. I have a feeling that I'll be thoroughly unimpressed.
  14. How do you attach this to the tail of the bike? Do you need to buy a separate rack or does it come with straps not pictured that go underneath the passenger seat or something?
  15. How do you attach this to the tail of the bike? Do you need to buy a separate rack or does it come with straps not pictured that go underneath the passenger seat or something? It comes with 4 straps to attach it but I used just 2 and cinched it down to the passenger seat.

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