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  1. Ok @Guru I turned on your status updates for you! I wonder if @mjh937 figured out how to turn on his status updates yet? 


    Drink up boys! 



    1. mjh937


      I think I did, but you did not leave me a drink 😀.

    2. Cruizin


      Ok @mjh937 I owe you one! 

      Hopefully @Guru will figure out how to get into his Profile and join us!

  2. I'd love to have one, but I don't see the $2000 price difference in aesthetics. Although it does have ABS. So in Canada the price difference would be $1500. If I were in the market for a new one, I would definitely get one of these. But I will probably not trade my trusty FZ07 that basically does everything the XSR does.
  3. http://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/details-build-price.php?model=5032&group=MC&catId=118
  4. The Yamaha Star "fail to be grasped or remembered by someone"
  5. Guru


    Nina was actually one of the names we choose when my wife and I were expecting a baby (long ago). But it turned out to be a boy so we never used the name. It still feels like I know you haha.
  6. What I do when I look over a bike is bring one of those bright LED flashlights. And I use it even when there is enough light to see the bike. It really helps me focus on the specific area I am shining the light on. It is too easy for me to fall in love with the whole picture. I also ask the seller not to say anything while I concentrate on the bike. It is sometimes somewhat awkward but the tension also helps later negotiations.
  7. Guru


    Great to have you on board, welcome !!
  8. This guy is the proud new owner of a 2015 which he bought for the same amount. So I guess this shows that it could be a pretty good deal.
  9. Guru


    Nice bike @caper, congratulations and thanks for joining. Where in Canada?
  10. I just deleted my Photobucket account. No sense in keeping these guys around. Who knows what the next step will be. Pay before you get access to your 'free' account? Good job btw @admin for seeing this coming. Imagine the mess we would be in if all pictures in this forum were hot linked.
  11. Dropbox did the same thing last year. I am still mopping up the mess such a decision leaves behind. I have used photobucket once or twice but I will stay away for it form now on. I also use Imgur, which still offers hotlinking, but I suspect they will be the next in line to make it a payed option.
  12. Like Beemer said, It's not a steal but it is fair. If you can afford 6k and dig the bike, then go for it. Maybe try and knock a couple of 100 off or try and get some of his gear or accessories. It also depends on the seller, if he's a nice and honest guy, I wouldn't haggle too much. The 2017 non ABS is $7499 according to the Yamaha website (I live in Ontario too). They usually add about 500 for prepping and fees. So 8k plus tax is $9050. This bike is $6000 plus 13% tax is $6780 so you are saving $2270. You could ask if the seller is willing to make a bill of sale for $5k so you can save a bit of tax. He would also have to provide a safety. And let me say it this:. If someone offered $6000 for my bike (a 2015) I would not let it go. These bikes are amazing.
  13. It also depends on where in Canada. Compare it with other offerings on Kijiji etc.. But I don 't think 6k is a bad deal but nit a steal. A new one is $7.5k but there are some fees and tax, although you will have to pay tax on the 6k if you are in Ontario. I would personally buy it brand new if you can afford it. Nothing beats picking up a virgin bike in the colour you want and you can break in yourself.
  14. Guru

    New guy from Georgia

    Hi @yamameck, thanks for joining. Great to have you on board. Georgia has some sweet riding routes. I've been there a couple of times, sadly not with my bike.

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