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  1. alexj

    FZ-07 or FZ-09

    I am a female rider, age 60, 5'9" and started riding about 1 year ago when I retired from teaching. I started on the FZ-07 (after taking the MSF course). Love it....but guess what. I just purchased the 2017 FZ-09 a couple days ago. Oh-my-gosh! What a bike. I am in love!! Got the Intensity White and am modding it up already. I was going to keep the FZ-07 for kicks but I just don't know how much I'd ride it. So, I'm selling the 07, and that is how much I love the 09.
  2. alexj

    Need some advice on mirrors.

    To fill the hole of the stock mirrors, I went to my local Ace hardware store and found some very cheap plastic flat plugs that fit right into the hole.

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